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Calls to Action – why are they so important?
What pushes you to sign up to something? Is it always something you want or need? Is it sometimes something that[...]
Progressive Profiling: Behavioural Segmentation From Customer Behaviour
What it is progressive profiling? Progressive profiling is a method of behaviourally segmenting your audience based on their interest and engagement[...]
What are tags and how are they used in Infusionsoft and Infusionsoft by Keap Part 2
A few weeks ago I started writing  a blog on what tags are and how they are used in Infusionsoft,[...]
4 of the Best Marketing Books to read when you’re starting in Marketing
Reading - a surefire way to stuff valuable insight into your brain. If you’re new to marketing, the time is NOW.[...]
Marketing Automation for small businesses
Part one of a series of posts that help small businesses get the best ROI from marketing automation
What are useful testimonials and why do I need them?
Why are testimonials so important to your business? What value does a testimonial from a client add to your reputation?Not all[...]
What are tags and how are they used in Infusionsoft and Keap by Infusionsoft Part 1
In this blog I’m going to explain what tags are and show you some of the different ways they can[...]
Email Marketing Tips and Best Practices From Industry Experts
Coming from LitmusWhere do you go to get the best email strategies, best email marketing tips and email best practices?[...]
Why use Emojis in email subject lines?
Emojis in subject lines draw attention. They stand out in a bit of a dull world. Let’s admit it - inboxes[...]
What Should Every Welcome or Indoctrination Email Series Contain?
What is an indoctrination or welcome email sequence?One of the most simple email marketing campaigns we suggest creating is an[...]
What is awareness and why does it matter?
Really knowing your customers is the difference between being a forgettable business and a truly memorable business. It’s the difference[...]
How to Create a Custom Double Opt-in Link in Infusionsoft by Keap
If you read our blogs regularly and I hope you do, because we really do have some awesome content in[...]
How to start blogging for your business
In this day and age, blogging is important. You know it, your neighbour knows it, your neighbour’s great aunt twice[...]
How to get more leads – fill your funnel and fuel your flywheel
How to get more leads - Filling your funnel and fuelling your flywheel Successful lead generation for SME’s, all used[...]
How to Set Up Lead Scoring
A while ago, our Chief Ninja - the very talented author of Hack the Buyer Brain, Kenda (yes, I know[...]
Email deliverability and inbox placement
You have more power than you think. How are your emails performing?  Great?  Awesome?  Not bad?  Rubbish?  Don’t know?  These[...]
13 Email Marketing Tips for an Engaged Mailing List
Imagine you have an email ready to send out to your list. Maybe you’re telling them about a new exciting[...]
What is an unengaged contact?
What does it mean when a contact is engaged? Typically an engaged contact is someone who has opened or clicked[...]
What is Marketing Automation?
We like to define marketing automation by splitting the two words out: Marketing = everything you do to get and[...]
8 reasons why people aren’t opening your emails
Emails are a core part of a lot of people’s marketing strategy. It continues to be the best method to[...]
How to add value to your content
Why are so many companies creating content that isn’t customer centric? What do they mean when they say that content[...]
Interview with the prime ninja
“Your content becomes an extension of who you are” - Kenda Macdonald Pretty powerful stuff, am I right? Our prime[...]
What are keywords?
Keywords are the literal key to get your website noticed. The lower the difficulty of the words that are used,[...]
How to automate your marketing like a ninja
The beauty of human evolution is simply that we are continuously improving through learning, just like marketing automation. Now, if[...]
What are Client Profiles and why do they matter?
When you start working with a new client, what is the first step in your process? I mean you learn[...]
The B2B Marketing Expo 2019 – two times a charm
Europe’s leading marketing event? YES.  The B2B Marketing expo brings together UK and Europe’s winning marketers, tech providers, solution providers[...]
How to manage someone who gets distracted by everything
How to manage someone who gets distracted by everythingImagine for a second that your boss is a cat. Offices and workspaces[...]
Infusionsoft Campaign Builder Best Practice
Infusionsoft Campaign Builder best practice - is it time to critique and tweak your campaigns? Ooo this is going to[...]
Why you should ignore the marketing prediction posts and what you should be doing instead…
With January over and February out the way, we’re settling into 2019 now. I find the whole month of January[...]
Keap vs Infusionsoft Side by Side
Keap ™ vs Infusionsoft ™- what's the deal?If you're an Infusionsoft ™ user, you may have seen the following message[...]
Infusionsoft™ vs Keap™: What do you need to know?
What is the new Infusionsoft ™? At the end of last year (2018), innovation led to a little confusion with[...]
Keap™ Review
Keap ™ review and walkthroughWhat is Keap ™, what is Infusionsoft ™ and what has changed?Keap ™ is Infusionsoft ™.[...]
How to use Quizzes to Generate Leads
Generating leads and capturing actionable data about those leads is becoming increasingly difficult. In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica[...]
What to Consider when Conducting a Website Critique
Taking time to conduct a website critique on your own website is just as important as investing in a detailed,[...]
How to Import Contacts into Infusionsoft
Whether you’re adopting a new CRM system or populating a database it usually means one agonising truth - you have[...]
What to Include in your Competitor Audit
If your first response to this blog was 'I'm meant to do a competitor audit?', allow me to start from[...]
Why you should Critique your Website
Your website is a window through which the world sees your business. It is your receptionist, your lead sales person[...]
Productivity Hacks – Why you should always keep a Banana to hand
Bananas.Yellow, curvy, botanically a berry and produced by several kinds of large herbaceous flowering plants in warm and sunny places.[...]
The Epic Marketing Show – How to Flowchart a Campaign
If you want your marketing automation campaigns to be a success it takes work. If you were told automation was[...]
How to Edit User Permissions in Infusionsoft
Have you ever given a team member a task to do in Infusionsoft, only for them to come back to[...]
The Epic Marketing Show – Tags in Infusionsoft
In this episode of The Epic Marketing Show we delve into the awesome and nerdy world of tags in Infusionsoft.[...]
The Epic Marketing Show – How you Keep Customers
This episode of The Epic Marketing Show is all about how to keep the customers you worked your nards off[...]
Customer Behaviour and Cognitive Bias
In today's session I help a muddled marketer who is somewhat lost by their customer behaviour.Our agony wracked listener is[...]
The Epic Marketing Show – How to Assess and Critique your Campaigns
This week on The Epic Marketing Show we look at the importance of assessing and critiquing your marketing automation campaigns. Because[...]
What to include in your lifecycle marketing
So you're implementing lifecycle marketing. Well aren't you a mutha flippin gangsta?! You're so gangsta it's entirely possible you were[...]
Boosting Sales by Creating Engagement and Trust
Customers, Abandonment & Lifelong Love In today's session I help a lonely little sausage who misses their customers desperately. Selling[...]
The Epic Marketing Show – Strategy vs Tactics
This episode of The Epic Marketing Show I explore strategy vs tactics - what the differences are between the two[...]
Getting Customers that Love you for Life – The Marketing Agony Aunt
Customers, Abandonment & Lifelong LoveIn today's session I help a lonely little sausage who misses their customers desperately. Selling one off[...]
The Epic Marketing Show – How to Design Campaigns In Infusionsoft
Last week we showed you how to get the most out of your marketing automation, this week we're tackling how[...]
Finding Love and Customer Reviews – The Marketing Agony Aunt
Love, testimonials and Reviews Your Aunty Kenda is here to help and this week I'm helping the love lorn find[...]
The Epic Marketing Show: Getting the most out of your Marketing Automation
This week's episode of The Epic Marketing Show is a biggie! Both figuratively and literally. In this half hour bumper[...]
The Epic Marketing Show – Cognitive Bias
Although we touched on cognitive bias a couple of months ago, this episode looks specifically at what cognitive bias is.[...]
Ninjas take home Best Small Business Award
That's right! We won an award! Whoop whoop! On the 14th July the Ninjas were one of 88 finalists invited[...]
The Epic Marketing Show – What is Engagement Marketing?
In this thrilling instalment of The Epic Marketing Show I talk about Engagement Marketing, what it is and why it's[...]
The Epic Marketing Show – How Customer Decisions are Made
This week is a biggy! In the latest episode I take a look at how the human brain makes decisions[...]
The Epic Marketing Show – What is Infusionsoft?
Infusionsoft is awesome. If we didn't think so we wouldn't have spent all that time becoming one of Infusionsoft Software[...]
How to Create a Content Plan
Wait, what? often the first response we get from marketers when we ask them about the content plan underpinning[...]
The Epic Marketing Show – The Ninja Story
On The Epic Marketing Show  this week Kenda changes tack slightly and talks about the The Automation Ninjas origin story.As[...]
5 Things we loved about SMX London
What it is SMX is a worldwide series of Search Marketing Conferences. Sounds like super nerdy stuff right - well[...]
The Epic Marketing Show – What is Marketing Automation?
On The Epic Marketing Show Kenda gives the rundown on what Marketing Automation is, what it is not, and how[...]
What we learnt from the South African Chamber of Commerce Awards
There is nothing like a strong community to make a Ninja happy. And boy did we stumble upon a community.[...]
The Epic Marketing Show – Features and Benefits
This episode looks and why features and benefits work in marketing. Understanding the difference is important as features help to[...]
Why Killer Content Matters
Content's pretty important right? If you're a regular visitor to the Ninjas blog you'll know by now that we bang[...]
What is Content Engagement?
Why is Content Engagement so important anyway? Let's talk Google for a minute... One of the biggest realisations for businesses[...]
The Epic Marketing Show – What is Buyer Psychology?
This week on The Epic Marketing Show Kenda talks about buyer psychology and how understanding your customers behave will help[...]
The Epic Marketing Show – What is a Customer Lifecycle?
The Lifecycle Strikes Back! Watch the video below and if you like what you see click over to YouTube and[...]
The Epic Marketing Show – Behavioural Marketing Automation
This weeks episode of the epically named Epic Marketing Show looks at Behavioural Marketing Automation - or Epic Marketing as[...]
Why (Ninja) Workshops are Awesome
We're big fans of marketing workshops. Webinars are cool and everything - because who doesn't love staring at their computer[...]
What is Lifecycle Marketing?
Lifecycle marketing is the secret sauce to good marketing. Which is awesome. And by awesome I mean totally rad!It allows[...]
This week on The Epic Marketing Show – Cognitive Bias
The latest episode of The Epic Marketing Show is live! This week Kenda takes a look at the 5 cognitive[...]
The Epic Marketing Show
We've been very busy Ninjas these last few weeks. Aside from working on enhancing our rad range of products to[...]
Content Plans are Awesome
You've got a great looking website. Your service or products are the best in the biz and you even have[...]
What is Content Marketing?
And why you should care A few short years ago if you wanted to appear at the top of Google,[...]
What is Infusionsoft – Part Three: Use Cases for Infusionsoft
Part Three: Use Cases for InfusionsoftWelcome to part three in the "What is Infusionsoft®" series. So far we've covered what[...]
Is Infusionsoft right for me? Part two: what Infusionsoft is NOT
What Infusionsoft is notLet's chat about what Infusionsoft® software is not. In part one of What Infusionsoft is - we[...]
Is Infusionsoft right for me? Part One: What is Infusionsoft?
Having helped hundreds of businesses make a success with Infusionsoft® software over the years, I get asked a lot of[...]
How much does it cost to get Expert Infusionsoft help/support?
How much does it really cost to get expert Infusionsoft help/support?Maybe you're thinking of getting Infusionsoft. Or maybe you've already[...]
How Infusionsoft Help Can Go A Long Way – A Case Study
How Colour Graphics made over £100000 in sales from traffic that was leaving their site​​​​​​​"What does the ROI on getting[...]
Life Cycle Marketing – The Ninja Way
How do you define "Marketing"? If you're in the business of selling anything, providing a service, customer service, or keeping[...]
The 13 Types Of Customers And How To Behaviourally Segment Them
What is customer segmentation?Customer segmentation is the practice of dividing your potential and existing customers into groups that are similar[...]
How to build trust in marketing by lying
​How to build trust in marketing by lyingGaining and retaining customers is all about building trust. Without trust. No one[...]
How To: Easily View Opt-In And Email Status In Infusionsoft
Infusionsoft: hidden data series #1Infusionsoft (and Keap) is an amazing and powerful sales and marketing tool (in our totally unbiased[...]
Email Marketing Armageddon: The General Data Protection Regulation
What is GDPR?GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It came into effect on May 25th, 2018 and is[...]
How to Create an Infusionsoft Double Opt-In Link Like A Ninja
When you are sending emails you want to make sure that they are going to people who actually want them.[...]
Traditional Funnels Are Ruining Marketing
Traditional marketing funnels look a bit like this: The idea being, you throw some leads in the top - and[...]
Epic Roundup: Tags vs Custom Fields in Infusionsoft
I opened the application, and I had to blink several times to make sure I wasn’t losing the plot...What the[...]
Email Deliverability – Stop Ignoring It!
The big scary thing you're ignoring is Email Deliverability.Deliverability is everything.If your email isn’t getting delivered, nothing matters.All the hard[...]
Why You’re Building Your Funnels Wrong
All kinds of wrong I'm afraid...It's a bold statement. You may be on the right path, but you've more than[...]
Your 3 Part Success Formula
So what does your business have to do with Nuclear bombs?And how does your Success Formula fit into all of[...]
Customer Lifetime Value – Where Your Profits Really Come From
Here's a silly question: How would you like to increase your profits by up to 125%?What would you do with the[...]
75% Of Your Leads Will Never Buy – Here’s Why
Leadscoring is your new best friend.... I'm going to hop straight in with some statistics leading up to leadscoring here:Only[...]