how can the ninjas help you?

Are you looking for more great customers? Do you want those customers to stick around longer and spend more? Then you are in the right place.

We ninjas are pretty awesome at understanding what makes your customers tick. And being the crafty, data driven ninjas that we are, we blend this knowledge with your goals to create marketing automation and customer journeys that gain (and keep) better, happier customers, that spend more and that make your life easier. 

We define marketing as everything you do to get and keep a customer. In today’s modern, consumer driven world it’s impossible to manually manage everything you do to get and keep a customer. Automation helps you leverage tools and strategies to help get more leads and convert more customers. But all of this is meaningless without a plan. The customer journey is your plan and strategy to get and keep more customers, helping you thrive in a consumer driven market. We design and implement super simple but effective customer journeys. And keep everything running smoothly with marketing automation.

Whatever success looks like for you. We help you get there.

372% increase in monathly sales, 266% more contacts on my list, 139% more customers. The stats say it all. Automation Ninjas are an essential part of my business.

Karen MacFadyen


Whether you need full blown ninja help, with one-on-one strategy and ongoing hand holding. Or, just a little training and a push in the right direction, we’re here to help you.

Work with us one-to-one

  • You want expert strategic support dedicated to your specific business needs.
  • You need 1:1 Coaching and hand-holding
  • You are looking for Step-by-step implementation

Do it yourself with a little help

  • You need to plan out how you are going to attract and engage potential customers.
  • You want to pick our brain
  • You are ready to get stuck in and do the work


Understand and leverage BEHAVIOUR, hacking the buyers brain through data driven insight into their problems. Blend in your goals and objectives for a unique experience driven by behaviour.

Design your bespoke customer journey within the world class framework LIFECYCLE MARKETING. Working to identify how you’ll enhance your Attract, Engage, Sell and Wow strategies for simple yet effective marketing automation. 

Create and plan amazing engaging data led CONTENT that allows you to track behaviour and progressively profile to convert more leads and retain customers so they keep coming back for me.

The Customer Journey Flywheel


Hey, we’re the ninjas. Behaviour geeks, marketing automation enthusiasts and Infusionsoft and Keap® experts. But really we’re all about the human relationships. 

It’s what makes us tick. But it’s also what makes your customers tick. And that’s what’s really important.

As Infusionsoft by Keap® Certified Partners, we live and breathe all things Marketing Automation and Behaviour day in and day out.

​Our mission is to fill the internet with more value and less noise, and our quest is to be a force for positive change in the world by enhancing one customer journey at a time.


I always love working with Kenda and her Ninjas. There’s no BS, they get straight to the point and are fantastic at asking questions that force me to think about my pipelines, sales ladders and funnels from a new, previously unconsidered angle. 

This results in a great plan which can be easily implemented from the beginning.

Mike Browne: CEO Picture This Ltd.