About the Ninjas


Feeling a little curious? Want to know who we help, how we do it and why? Check out this video from our founder Kenda Macdonald

She’ll run you through our secret sauce: the process we use to help you get better quality leads that convert highly to become engaged customers that stick around for the long run.

Problems We Solve

Marketing Automation

You don’t know where to get started

Not sure where to get started? Stuck in a bit of a rut? Totally overwhelmed with a million things you know you need to do and you don’t know where to go and what to do?

That’s OK! We specialise in all things behavioural automation. Hop on a call with us (you can contact us here) and we’ll help point you in the right direction (even if that’s not with us - we’re nice like that). We’ll help you suss out what you need to do to get started and get results from the get go.

You know you need it but…

You know you need all this malarkey but… You’re just so busy! You don’t have the time or the energy to figure it all out and make it work…

We get it! The cobbler always has the worst shoes right? It’s hard to focus on your business, especially when you have so many demands on your time already. We’ll show you how you can clear some of your plate so you’re focusing on the things that are important and help you move your business forward. Have a chat with us and we’ll help uncover your path to success and where you can get started easily. 

It’s not working 🙁

You’ve got some automation in place, you have a few of the systems, processes and campaigns and yet… Crickets. It’s just not doing what it needs to do.

We’ll help you figure out what’s going on, where you can improve, where the gaps are and what you can do to optimise. Our marketing therapy sessions are designed to help you diagnose what’s going wrong and what you can do about it. They’re free, 

You just need help getting it done

Don’t want to do it yourself? Tired of fighting with it all? Just want it to happen and want to know an expert is doing it in the best way possible?

This is our jam. We’ll help you get it nailed. Let’s have a chat, see what we can do to help, and help you get a plan in place to get it done (even if that means not working with us, we’re good like that). 

Buyer Psychology

What is Buyer Psychology?

Buyer psychology is the all the little bits of human behaviour around making a purchase decision. It’s the study and understanding of what is happening in the brain of your consumer when they are thinking of making a purchase. It has serious implications for your marketing, your conversion rates and your profits!

How do I apply it to my marketing?

The easiest way to apply buyer psychology to your marketing is to weave it into your customer journey. Check out all our resource on psychology in the customer journey here

What improvements will it make?

With clear insight on how your consumers are making buying decisions you’ll be able to:
- Pinpoint the exact content they want to see - increasing engagement with information and increasing traffic
- Provide the right steps in their journey for better quality leads
- Increase conversion rates
- Increase retention of customers as well as higher customer satisfaction, which means higher customer lifetime value
- Give you clarity and peace of mind that you’re doing the right things for your marketing and automation 

I don’t know where to start.

Don’t worry! You’re in the right place to get started. You can check out our free resources and blogs here or get yourself a copy of Hack The Buyer Brain, which is all about how to use buyer psychology in your marketing. 

Lead Generation, Conversion & the Customer Journey

How do I get more leads?

Looking to get more leads into your process? This is one of the most common challenges businesses face.

If you want more bespoke and personalised advice, unique to you and your situation, get yourself booked on a marketing therapy session. It’s free, and you get to sit down with a Ninja and develop a plan for how you can move forward.

How do I engage my audience?

Keeping an audience, leads and customers engaged can be a challenge. Luckily it’s one we see often, and can be solved with some best practices and a little bit of elbow grease.

But if you want more bespoke and personalised advice, unique to you and your situation, get yourself booked on a marketing therapy session. It’s free, and you get to sit down with a Ninja and develop a plan for how you can move forward.

I need to improve my conversion rates

Conversion rate optimisation can be a tricky business to navigate. Thankfully it’s a job we love! We’ve spent years uncovering what works, what doesn’t, how to find gaps, and where to implement improvements that really move the dial for your business.

You’re in the right place! Let’s chat and see how we could help you make your conversion rates sing. 

I need a customer journey

Need to finally get all your ducks in a row and get cracking with your customer journey? Ready to invest in a process that will get you the clarity you need to have highly qualified leads, better conversion rates and happier customers that stick around for longer?

You’re in the right place! Let’s chat and see how we could help you make your customer journey a reality. We’ll help you combine behaviour, life cycle marketing and your own unique processes into a world class customer journey.

We Know What We’re Talking About

Don’t just take our word for it though! We’re a multi award winning agency. We travel all over the world to speak about buyer psychology, marketing automation and the customer journey. We wrote the award winning and best selling book ‘Hack The Buyer Brain’. We’re a bunch of brainiacs and we’re not scared to shout about it!

All that aside, the most important thing is that we have a fierce passion for what we do. We love seeing businesses thrive through automation. We especially love seeing the spark alight in people’s eyes when they really get it. That’s what gets us out of our cosy beds in the mornings

Award Winning Ninjas

Meet the Team

The Automation Ninjas team is here for you to help you achieve all your marketing goals, but who are the Ninjas?
Check us out in our full glory..

Meet The Ninjas

We’re a team of experts in buyer psychology, marketing automation, marketing strategy, copywriting, conversion optimisation, email strategy and design and more.

As an enthusiastic band of ninjas and a multi award winning agency, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of marketing automation. Ensuring you get the most efficient and effective strategies and campaigns.

Kenda Macdonald Ninja


Founder Ninja

Kenda is the head honcho. She works on the super-advanced marketing automation needs but predominantly is the brains behind your core strategy. She does the public speaking and the book writing - making marketing come alive with buyer psychology.

Mike Ninja


Managing Director

Mike does a lot of work behind the scenes but is primarily focused on advanced integration and complex implementation. Mike’s the captain at the helm of tech connectivity and will handle your deep data diving and analysis. He’s also exceptionally skilled at fault finding, and can often be found wrapped up in troubleshooting.

Ashton Ninja


Content Manager

Ashton is our content manager. She lives and breathes everything content and high-level strategy. She is process driven and utilises clarity calls to make sure everything is on the right track. You can always find her writing content of some sort and polishing it to perfection. When content needs Ninjafication, Ashton will be on the case.

Our Happy Clients

  • Dave Drimmie

  • Membership Geeks

  • Picture This Ltd

  • Tracey Tait

  • Intergage

"The project was well structured and the combination of direct, personal support via calls with the team supplemented by detailed training materials helped make the whole process feel effortless...

Our overall marketing strategy feels a lot clearer and cohesive, and we’re in a far stronger position to cater to the broader customer awareness journey, rather than the very narrow part of the process we were previously focused on.

If you’re feeling a bit stuck or stagnant in your marketing, then the clarity alone that comes from working with Automation Ninjas is worth engaging in this process. "

Mike Morrison - Co-Owner, Membership Geeks