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Kenda combines her wealth of knowledge from founding and running an award winning behavioural marketing agency with her passion for buyer psychology to create talks that inspire and motivate. In her global keynotes and webinars, Kenda teaches businesses how to understand the consumer brain and craft marketing and automation that work seamlessly together to convert and create raving fans.

Expect a seriously entertaining and mind blowing talk that will make you want to get to work on your automation journey immediately.

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Talks That Blow Minds & Change Thinking

Looking for a unique talk for your conference or event? Something that will change the way your audience approaches marketing for good? Want a talk that will blow people's minds and have them rave about your conference on social media?

As a consistently top rated speaker she’ll provide you with an insightful talk, catered to your audience with takeaways and worksheets they can use to put the information into action straight away. Your audience will leave excited, entertained and motivated! 

Knowledge Bombs

Buyer psychology and its effects on marketing

The brain evolved to survive, not buy stuff online - that has serious implications for your marketing. Understand how the brain works and you can increase conversion rates and create phenomenal marketing your audience will love. Talks on this topic include accessible neuroscience, with lots of easy to grasp examples that change the way audiences think about their marketing. 

Content marketing and why the brain loves it

The brain needs very specific pieces of information to make a purchase decision. When done right, content marketing can help brands provide consumers with the right information, at the right time, and help you influence the purchase decision. Talks on this topic help audiences understand what the brain needs, and changes the way they think about content forever. 

Sales and Marketing Automation

Sales and marketing have gone mad. We have blinded ourselves with tech and data and we’ve lost touch with the one thing it’s all made for: the consumer. Kenda founded Automation Ninjas in 2015, and has worked with hundreds of businesses in that time, helping them get to grips with behavioural marketing automation. 

How the brain works and what your industry can learn from it

It’s so easy for an industry to get bogged down in the details, doing things a certain way because that’s how it’s always been done. Talks on this topic will pull on specific industry ruts and contrast that with things that actually work and how sales and marketing could improve with a little behavioural understanding - eg. What SEO can learn from Forensic Psychology.

The Customer Journey

Your marketing automation journey is pivotal to the success of your marketing strategy. Sadly, most businesses have no plan at all, and those that have a plan often don’t have all the steps in place they need to really succeed. In this topic Kenda shares her world class framework, the exact methodology that has helped propel Automation Ninjas to their multi-award winning status, and shows audiences what they need to have in place to get better quality leads, higher conversion rates and happier customers. 

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