Why You Can Create Better Content Than AI

Why You Can Create Better Content Than AI

Author: Jojo Dixon

If you're looking for someone with a knack for crafting compelling copy that captivates audiences, you're in the right place. My experience in marketing bolstered with my experience in creative industries allows me to deliver engaging content that drives results.

AI is on the rise; there is no doubt about that. As AI becomes more prominent in our daily routines, content creators and copywriters alike are asking the same questions.

‘’If AI can do my job in a fraction of the time, what happens to me?’’ 

This feeling of unease is bolstered by business owners across the globe exclaiming that they’re welcoming AI in its latest capacity with open arms. They get to save some money on wages and get things ticked off of their list in no time at all. 

I’d hate to be the person that bursts their bubble. But, if you’re looking for high quality, engaging content that can educate, nurture and engage; depending on AI to do so is the wrong choice.

While applications such as ChatGPT and Grammarly have revolutionised the lives of many, human created content will always come out on top.

In this blog, we will expel the myth that AI is displacing content and copywriters and explore why the human touch will always be the cherry on top of your content cake.

Why You Can Write Better Content Than AI

If you’ve spent time actively using a platform that creates AI-generated content, you’ll very quickly realise that it isn’t all it seems to be. The grammar and punctuation usually needs a little work, the sentence structure rarely changes and there isn’t much variety in the chosen language. 

While these problems may seem remedial, they reflect the fact that even though AI comes with all the bells and whistles, it can seem to miss even the most basic practices. 

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So, where else does AI miss the mark while human touch hits the bullseye?

Emotional Depth

Often, when we write content, we aim to evoke a certain emotion or behaviour from the reader. To do so, we must understand human emotion. 

Which kind of language will lead the reader to that emotion? How do I structure and communicate in a way that shows emotional depth and vulnerability? 

This skill is only acquired through human experience. As sentient beings, we have a memory bank that is coloured with emotion and available to us at all times. We draw from that bank each time we intend our writing to emote. 

Human creators can infuse their content with genuine emotions, empathy, and personal experiences, making it more relatable and emotionally resonant. AI cannot truly understand or authentically convey human emotions.

Creativity & Originality

If we’re honest with ourselves, many of the tried and tested marketing methods have died. Consumers are looking for creativity and originality within the messaging and content that is sent to them. 

AI may be able to suggest something to you that has been done before. But, it will never be able to provide you with an idea that is fresh, new and groundbreaking.

Conversely, humans have the capacity to think outside of the box, to innovate and create original content that reflects their unique perspectives and imagination.

Cultural Content & Sensitivity 

Depending on what you’re creating and who you’re creating content for, there will be times when cultural context and sensitivity are needed. 

Suppose the audience that it is intended for is a particular race, class or gender. In that case, the content must be tailored to specific audiences while respecting and aiding diverse perspectives and norms.

Human creators possess cultural awareness and the sensitivity that follows while AI may produce content that is inappropriate or insensitive due to its limited understanding of cultural nuance.

Adaptability & Flexibility

Let's imagine that you are sending out an email to your list.

You're looking for fun, engaging, and current content that will draw your audience's attention. You have an epiphany! How about playing into the latest viral meme you've seen on Twitter and Instagram? You get down to business, write the email and your consumers love it.

Human creators can adapt their content in real time based on feedback, trends or changing circumstances. AI-generated content is often static and can't respond dynamically to new information or contexts.

If you want to stay on trend, bring back the in-house content writer!

Critical Thinking & Analysis

If you’re looking to write a brief explanation of anything, AI will do the trick. However, if you’re tasked with diving a little deeper, you will encounter problems.

Human creators can apply critical thinking, analysis, and context to their content, offering insights and perspectives that go beyond surface-level information. AI cannot critically evaluate information or think critically about complex issues.

We live in a world where brands are expected to truly think about their content and its impact. Without the ability to critically evaluate and analyse, we run the risk of encountering a myriad of problems.

Evolution & Growth

One of the most wonderful parts of the human experience is our ability to strengthen our talents through evolution and growth. This means that creators can learn, grow and evolve their skills over time, pushing the boundaries of creativity and expertise.

While AI algorithms are capable of learning from data, they lack the intrinsic motivation and self-awareness necessary for proper growth and development.

A Win For Human Kind!

Although AI has made significant strides in generating content, it cannot replicate the depth of human creativity, emotion, and empathy. 

As humans, we can draw from our experiences, emotions, and imagination to create content that resonates with others profoundly. Our capacity for understanding nuance, context, and cultural intricacies gives us an edge in crafting content that genuinely connects with audiences on a personal level.

Our creativity stems from our humanity, flaws, vulnerabilities, and unique perspectives. By embracing our innate creativity and harnessing the power of technology as a tool, we can continue to create content that inspires, entertains, and fosters genuine connections with others.

 So, embrace your creativity and remember that, ultimately, you have the power to create content that AI could never replicate.

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