Customer Lifetime Value and Customer Journeys

Thanks for listening to our chat with Brian, he’s such a cool dude. Here’s a little more information on how you can build your own journey, what we do and how we do it, as well as some cool resources you can grab:

create amazing customer journeys Using buyer psychology and marketing automation

Discover how the right customer journey will help you create better quality leads that convert more for happier customers that spend more money

How To Create World Class Journeys

Step 1

Understand and leverage BEHAVIOUR, hacking the buyers brain through data driven insight into their problems. Blend in your goals and objectives for a unique experience driven by behaviour

Step 2

Design your bespoke customer journey within the world class framework LIFECYCLE MARKETING framework. Working to identify how you'll enhance your Attract, Engage, Sell and Wow strategies for simple, yet effective marketing automation

Step 3

Create and plan amazing engaging data led CONTENT that allows you to track behaviour and progressively profile to convert more leads and keep customers so they keep coming back for more

Combine all the steps together for a customer journey that is data led, behaviourally controlled and highly personalised for your ideal consumers

The Customer Journey Flywheel

Freebie 1 - How to double your customer spend:

Check this chunky video out to see the one very specific thing we do to help our clients double their customer spend, and how you can do it too


Better customer journeys = Better customers

Grab a free copy of our customer journey foundations so you can plan your own behavioural journey

Freebie 3 - a free marketing therapy session:

Ready to learn how this looks for you?

Jump on a free marketing therapy session with us - we'll show you how you can do this for your own business, vanquishing your biggest challenges

Looking For The Book?

Hack the buyer brain

Unpack consumer psychology and the stages of the buying process in an accessible way, learning how to build your own customer journey with real life examples and insights into neuroscience for marketing that works