Customer Journey Project

Everything you need to know about our customer journey project

Author: Ashton Oldham

Hey there, I'm Ashton, the Content Ninja with a penchant for creativity! I'm all about crafting killer customer-focused content and sprinkling it with that special sauce that makes brands pop. Teaching, strategising, organising (people and projects), and spicing up collaborations? That's my jam!

Are you looking for help to create a robust, strategic, and effective customer journey? If not, then you are reading the wrong post my friend! 

This blog is all about how we work closely with businesses to design a humdinger of a journey. One that hundreds of businesses are prospering from as we speak.  

The experiences a person or company has with your brand, from the get-go (we’re talking while they are still a total stranger) all the way to them being your biggest fan for the foreseeable, is represented in the customer journey. 

What is a customer journey? ...

The fact you are reading this blog in particular, makes me think you may already know what, in general terms, a customer journey is. However, if it’s just something you’ve come across, or you’ve been told you need, one hop over to our blog 'What is customer journey mapping', to get a bit more clued up. 

A customer journey encompasses everything you do to get and keep a customer.

And, if you want to make that as streamlined as possible, you will use automation to plan, create and deliver that journey. Hence it commonly being referred to as an automation journey…

Customer journey needs no road

... & why do you need one?

80% of customers now consider their experience with a company to be as important as its products. (Salesforce)

We often encounter businesses with the same problem… They are so focused on the ‘Attract’ stage - getting leads, in abundance - that there’s a lack of attention given to what happens when a lead comes through the door.

More often than not, a sales representative will take over and go straight in with a proposal. Have you ever sold to your list, or been on the receiving end of a sales outreach when there’s been nothing to buffer the time in between?

The chunk of time between lead > conversion is crucial. It’s what sets you up for success. We call this the ‘Engage’ stage. 

Learn more about content engagement: What is content engagement?

After Engage, comes Sell. And that’s pretty self-explanatory. It uses clever targeting strategies and well-planned content, alongside the deep and meaningful data gathered during the engage stage. With this, the ultimate sales strategy can be concocted.

So, what comes after Sell? Your work is most certainly not done… You now need to knock your customers’ socks off! It’s the Wow stage. You want to impress your new customers, as well as keep your current ones happy, engaged, and hopefully, they continue to spend with you.

Yup, nailing your customer journey is a fool-proof plan for increasing CLV (customer lifetime value). This well-designed system is something we like to call the Lifecycle Marketing framework. 

What makes our customer journey model different?

Our customer journey is different

We focus on building behavioural customer journeys around the lifecycle marketing framework: Attract, Engage, Sell, Wow (as mentioned above). These are the four pillars that support the structure of your customer journey, making it far simpler to plan and implement, but also far more effective.

Our tried and tested Methodology consists of component parts that make up the customer journey. It has been developed by our guru and CEO, Kenda Macdonald. It’s pretty much - and she’ll hate me for saying this - her life’s work.

In creating it, Kenda utilised her psychology and marketing expertise, alongside many years of experience working with hundreds of different businesses. This wealth of learning culminated in the ideal behaviour-based customer journey (see pretty flow chart below), that when implemented in any size or type of company boosts lead gen, engagement, sales, CLV, and overall increases ROI. 

Marketing Automation Customer Journey Mapping

You could of course find a free basic template online and try to adapt it to your business. And, yes, that might be a starting point… but, if you really want to succeed in all areas of your marketing, especially automating it, you need something bespoke.

That’s what is so powerful about our customer journey framework. It can be adapted to suit any type of business and its objectives. Plus, we add our expertise to it, educating you on each component along the way!

How does the project work, and what are the objectives?

The project aims to understand your current customer journey (yes you have one, even if it’s not on paper), then we apply our methodology to create the ideal journey that your business needs to flourish. 

It will take three sessions:

1. Mapping out what you have in place

  • Review your current journey / create one if nothing is in place
  • Understanding your goals, and identifying gaps within the journey

2. Mapping out your new Ninja-level ideal journey

  • Filling in the gaps (customer wants/needs aligned with your goals)
  • Designing your new customer journey as a robust flow chart

3. Providing next steps and advice to bring it all to life

  • Provide clarity on each stage of the journey
  • Helping to prioritise each component
  • Next steps for you to get sh*t done!

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Who is the customer journey project a good fit for? 

In all honesty, it’s a good fit for pretty much every business. Of course, there are some factors that can make this a less successful project, but we’ll come on to that shortly.

For now, take a look at the ‘categories’ below. If you fit into one of them, then you are a great fit!

  • Businesses without a customer journey 
  • Businesses with a poor customer journey
  • Businesses who are aware they have gaps or problems with their marketing automation but are unsure where they are stemming from
  • Businesses who simply don’t know where to start with marketing automation
  • Businesses looking to level up their marketing automation. Though we might not be working from scratch, this project will allow us to critique the journey that’s in place. It’s a great way to get super detailed and enhance the journey even further!

Who is the customer journey project not a good fit for?

As I mentioned above, there are some factors that hinder the success of this project. Don’t panic if you tick one of these boxes… All you need to do is go away and work on the blocker before reaching out to us. When it comes to creating a customer journey, it’s never really a hard no ☺️

Reasons you might not be a good fit (right now):

  • Your business is in the early stages and you’re unclear on where you want to take prospects and customers just yet
  • You don’t truly understand what your ideal customers want or need, or what problem your solution is solving for
  • You don’t plan on using marketing automation - this process relies on automation to deliver stages of the journey
  • Yours is the type of business that continually reinvents itself. The journey will keep getting unaligned with goals and strategies, plus your position and message will become unclear to your audience
  • You don’t actually have a tangible product or service to sell yet… we can’t base a journey on an idea

What results can you expect?

You’ll get one clear output: a strategic customer journey, presented in flowchart form. 

With this you have much more clarity on the process your customers go through, from the initial touchpoint to becoming a lead and eventually a lifelong customer. 

Not only that, but you should have much happier customers because you are clear on what they require at each stage of the journey, and the best ways to provide it. 

Once you implement, properly, you should see improvements across the entire customer lifecycle (Attract, Engage, Sell & Wow). 

If you haven’t utilised automation or had a robust customer journey before, you’ll see how powerful they are when paired together. Expect an increase in lead generation and conversions, more streamlined processes, time-saving, better data at your fingertips, this list goes on! 

Pros of Customer Journey Mapping

Why you might not see the results you hope for…

This project is all about giving you the foundation to build an incredible journey for your customers. You’ll know what you need to do, but if you do not implement it, then you shall not reap the rewards.

It’s important to stick with the process, follow our advice and be clear on the importance of each stage. Every part of the journey, the customer lifecycle, requires attention. For example, focusing solely on attracting leads and not what comes afterward will likely mean all those incredible opportunities fall short.

You also need to be very clear on who your ideal customers are, the problems you’re solving for and what benefits your solution provides (its features are not enough). 

It’s also crucial that you understand automation, or have access to someone with expertise in this area. Specifically building automated campaigns and setting up segmentation and tags, etc.

We are automation experts, so if you are unsure, we can discuss what you might need to look for in preparation to kick off this project.

What’s required to make your customer journey project a success

Alongside everything mentioned above, you need to:

  • Be open and honest during the calls
  • Know what it is you already have in place
  • Have your business goals defined and aligned
  • Understand who your customers are, what they want and need
  • Be prepared to put in the work once your journey is presented to you

Our in-depth knowledge of buyer psychology and marketing automation elevates every journey we create. You want to give your customers the best experience possible... bringing their behaviour into the mix, at each stage of the journey, will help ensure you achieve that.