Everything you need to know about our follow-up campaign project

You generate a lead, they are entered into an automated lead nurturing system, and BOOM, you’ve got a sale. 

It’s really the ideal set up for most business owners. A sales system that practically runs itself. 

And it’s totally possible (with a little work upfront), however, there is one problem...

Did you know that 80% of new leads never translate into sales?

That’s a whole lot of leads that lead to a whole lot of nothing. 

It’s one of the main problems we’ve found with businesses.  They put a tonne of effort into generating leads and then think that it’s the end game when really it’s only the beginning. 

Think of it like dating. You don’t stop trying once you’ve got their name and number, that’s when you really start to put in the work. 

Speaking to your leads after you’ve got their information is crucial to the success of your business. In fact, Forrester states that companies that excel at lead nurturing get 50% more sales, at a 33% lower cost.  

That’s pretty mind-blowing. 

So, in this blog, we’re going to dig into everything you need to know about our follow-up campaign project to figure out whether it’s the right service for you. 

What exactly is our follow-up campaign project?

When you think of follow-up do you just think of selling?

For most people follow-up means checking in with someone after you’ve sent them an email or a quote, in order to close the sale. It has all sorts of nasty connotations and might conjure images of a relentless  car salesman that just won’t give up. 

Follow up via automate lead nurturing series

However, that’s not what we mean when we talk about follow-up campaigns. 

Simply put, a follow-up is any contact that you make with a lead after they’ve taken action, whether they’ve downloaded a lead magnet, filled in a contact form, or signed up for email updates. 

In our follow-up campaigns we help to automate the follow-up stages, so that it’s a simple, smooth and effective machine. 

The goal is to nurture the relationship and move them along the four stages of awareness towards the purchase stage. 

It’s not a hard sell! It’s a relationship building exercise. 

Exactly what the follow-up consists of depends on what type of campaign you require.

What type of follow-up do we offer?

At Automation Ninjas, there are four types of follow-up campaigns we offer as a service. 

It’s important to segment these as they cater to different stages of the buyer journey and 76% of buyers prefer to receive content unique to their buying stage.

The four different types of follow-up campaign that we offer are:

  • Lead magnet nurture and follow up 
  • Sales follow up emails
  • Sales supporting nurture (if you have a sales team/sales pipeline) 
  • Outreach follow up

Let’s look at these in a little more detail…

1. Lead magnet nurture and follow up

This type of follow-up is catered to the awareness stage of the customer buyer journey. Your potential customer knows they have a problem and are actively seeking solutions. 

If they have found and downloaded your lead magnet, then now is the perfect time to show them that you are the solution. 

Inform, educate and delight them, let them know what questions they need to be asking. Become their best business friend, and help move them towards your desired outcome - i.e. you.  

Automated lead nurturing really makes all the difference. Pretty much every business we work with ends up implementing it for their business, even if they start working with us on something entirely different. 

2. Sales follow-up

Great! Someone has bought from you. 

Wait, you didn’t think that was the end, did you? 

A study by Paul Farris in Marketing Metrics stated that a repeat customer has a 60% - 70% chance of converting, which is a whole lot higher than a brand new customer, plus they are likely to spend more money. 

That’s why It’s so important to nurture the relationships that you’ve already made rather than constantly chasing new ones. 

A sales follow-up campaign will allow you to keep in touch with the people who’ve already bought from you and automating it means that continuing to grow those relationships won’t take up any more time.

3. Sales supporting follow-up

Wouldn’t it be great if you could automate some of the sale processes? 

Oh, wait you can.

When a customer is in the consideration phase, they usually have loads of questions that they need the answer to.

A sales supporting nurture campaign can help you inform, educate and build trust with your potential customers while moving them along the buying journey. 

It’s here that we usually drip-feed your leads educational content in the form of blogs or videos. If you don’t already have these then it’s something we can look at including in your package. 

4. Outreach follow-up

Has someone shown interest in one of your services or products? Maybe they’ve visited your pricing page, or downloaded a buyers guide - something to show that they are revving up to buy. 

Now is the time for your sales team to reach out and see if they can help. 

This is another thing that we can automate. We can help people set up the triggers for that sales engagement behaviour to make sure that they are getting the appropriate information post-action. 

Remember all of the above is automated. This means that we set up the triggers to ensure that the appropriate series is sent after your prospect takes action. 

If you're looking for content that follows on from someone signing up to your mailing list, you'll be better off sending a new welcome email series: Everything you need to know about our welcome campaign project.

What are the main objectives of the project?

Ultimately the final goal of any follow-up campaign is to nurture your leads and generate more sales and revenue for your business. 

Automated lead nurturing emails get 4-10 times the response rate compared to standalone email blasts and are likely to make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads.

increase sales through an automated lead nurturing series

However, like we said this is a relationship building exercise, and it’s not just about the hard sell. So we usually outline the objective of follow-up campaigns as: To nurture the lead by improving the relationship and increasing consumer trust.

Ultimately if you are right for the lead, this will lead to a sale. But it will be a much more organic, and mutually beneficial process than if you focus on the sale.

Why did we decide to offer follow-up campaigns in the first place?

Like we said, generating a lead is the beginning, not the end. And a strong automated lead nurturing campaign is the most effective way to increase conversion rates. Whether it’s following up from lead magnet opt-in, or keeping your audience engaged, nurture is critical to conversion success. 

We know how critical follow-up is to the core of your business success. 

However, we also know that a lot of people struggle with it. Whether they aren’t sure what to do, or they know but they just lack the time to implement it. 

That’s why we decided to step in and help. Our ninjas know exactly what you need to do to nurture and grow relationships with potential customers, and how to automate that process.

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Who is our project a good fit for?

This project is a little more hands-off than some of our other services. Sometimes we’ll need a little input in order to come to grips with what we’ve got to do.  

However, this is a great option if you know that you need to automate your follow-up campaigns, but you don’t have the necessary skill set or a whole lot of time to get it done yourself. 

We can take over and get your automation firing off the right series to the right customers at the right time.

Who is our project NOT a good fit for? 

Automated lead nurturing is at the heart of our follow-up campaigns. It’s all about fostering relationships and building trust. 

It’s not a hard sell, sell, sell. 

We don’t bombard leads with offer after offer, to get them to hit the buy button. 

If you want a silver bullet, and something that is just going to get you a quick buck, then the follow-up campaign might not be the right fit for you. Ultimately it will help you close sales, and increase revenue but it’s about so much more than that.

What results can you expect to see?

Email is a powerful marketing tool, with arguably the highest ROI of any marketing channel. Email has an average ROI of $38 per $1 spent, that's a return of around 3800%. 

That’s pretty astounding, and that combined with automated lead nurturing campaigns, is a really powerful thing. 

The results we would expect from a follow-up campaign are:

  • Increased engagement
  • Prepare your leads for sales
  • Enhanced conversion rates
  • Shorter sales cycle
  • Save previous sales team time

Ultimately these will all lead to an increase in sales without being sales-y. It’s an art - and our ninjas are DaVinci.

How long will it take to see these results:

Nurture is a long term goal. 

Yes, you might start to see engagement from the very first follow-up email if you are lucky, however it is a process. And exactly how long it takes for you to see results depends on your current sales cycle. 

What we usually see is that your sales cycle quickly starts to shorten, and the quality of leads that you generate improves. 

However without knowing more about your business it’s hard to put an exact number on it.

The process: what happens when you sign up for the project?

If you are interested in signing up for our follow-up campaign project, then the first step is booking a call with us. 

This will help us figure out exactly what you need from us so that we can confirm the pricing and the level of work that is required in order to get your follow-up campaign up and running. 

If you have questions you'd like answered about our follow-up campaign project before you commit, get in touch and we'll get a conversation going 🙂

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