How to Create a Custom Double Opt-in Link in Keap (formally Infusionsoft)

How to Create a Custom Double Opt-in Link in Infusionsoft by Keap

If you read our blogs regularly and I hope you do, because we really do have some awesome content in them...then you have probably seen the super useful blog on how to create a custom double opt in link in Infusionsoft by Keap.

If you haven’t seen that blog, then you can read it here. In that blog, Kenda explains the advantages of creating a custom double opt in link and she shows you how to do it step by step. While it’s great being able to do this, you might want even more control - and you might want to make things look prettier.

In this blog, I’m going to build on the concept of a custom double opt-in, by showing you how you can then take that custom link, and place it behind an image or a button. 

This makes your emails more pleasing to the eye and gives you full control of the link if your custom link is behind a button - without having to remember the text you originally used to create your custom link.

If you already know all the benefits, and just want to learn the technical know how, then this is blog is for you. 

Here is step by step, how to create a custom double opt-in link in Infusionsoft by Keap and then put it behind an image or button:

1. Hover over the infusionsoft logo and go to Marketing Settings

2. On the left hand nav panel, click on Automation Links

3. Then Under Confirmation Links you will see the default double-opt in email, next to the Confirmation Links text there is the option to 'Create Confirmation link’'

4. A new window will pop up, name your link as appropriate, ignore the html email area and scroll down until you see 'Link Text'. This is what will show up to the contact in the email. Normally it will say click here or something along those lines. It is important to remember what you enter here as you will not actually see the link text in the email.

5. Click Save (NOT save and close)

6. Now we want to go to the confirmation page appearance tab at the top of the window, In the Merge Field for Opt-In Header, we want to enter your company name. From the drop down for header colour choose black text white background.

7. Now we come to page content, we want to go to the source tab and paste in the code: and enter the URL of the page you want to redirect to in the code as below in bold.

<script type="text/javascript">window.location.replace("http://your URL GOES HERE");</script>

Save again. (NOT save and close)

8. Next we pop over to actions, from the add a new action drop down we want to choose apply/remove a tag, from there you can either choose a double-opted in tag if you have one, or create one with the create a new tag option

9. Once you have chosen your tag click save and then save, now you can click save and close. 

10. This should take you to the List of confirmation links again, only this time your new link should be there. Now hover over the edit option next to your link. In the bottom left hand of your screen you will get some text pop up that will say javascript:editOptIn(' number'). You need to remember the number that comes up there. 

11. Now we need to go into the campaign and into the email that we want to send people to get them to double opt-in. Write your copy as normal, but instead of writing 'click here' or whatever link text you have decided on, we are going to put ~OptIn_number~  Note: the symbol on either end is a ‘Tilde’, not a dash. Please also make sure that the letters O and I in ‘OptIn’ are both a capital letter. 

12. it will look like this ~OptIn_14~ (not 14 in your case, the number from step 10)

13. Send a test to yourself, and you shouldn't see the opt in code, just the link text. Magic! 

As if that wasn’t enough double opt in awesomeness, here’s the really clever part - 

How to put your custom link behind an image or button

In the test email you have just sent to yourself, hover over the link, right click and copy link address. 

Your link will look similar to the one below, but will have your app name here:

The number of your custom double opt in here (From step 10 above)

And your own set of custom numbers here:

Now all you have to do, is pop that whole link behind your button or image as a URL, just as you would with any other URL you were putting behind an image or a button.

Of course you’ll want to test again by sending a test email to yourself, but as long as you’ve followed the instructions then you’ve probably nailed it.

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