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The Epic Marketing Show

AUTHOR: Kenda Macdonald

As a dedicated consultant, I specialise in elevating businesses through top-tier consultancy, fueled by a deep understanding of buyer psychology cultivated over years of experience. My expertise lies in crafting marketing and sales strategies that propel businesses to new heights by leveraging insights into the buyer brain. As a bestselling author, public speaker, and strategist, my passion for decoding human behavior drives me to innovate and deliver unparalleled results. I've designed a methodology adaptable for all types of businesses, ensuring transformative customer journeys and experiences.

We've been very busy Ninjas these last few weeks. For one thing we've been working hard to improve our services to give you the best value and outcomes. Whoop whoop!

But the cherry on that ice cream sundae of awesomeness is our brand new YouTube channel!

Called The Epic Marketing Show, it's going to be crammed full of videos that are going to blow your mind.

Epic Marketing gasp

Because it's epic. And about marketing...

What's The Epic Marketing Show about?

We do things a little differently at Ninjas. Exploring customer behaviour and why they do what they do is our jam. So we wanted to impart some Ninjary wisdom to help your business thrive.

Each episode is an easy to digest video that will look at the various areas we specialise in.

Including guides on marketing automation that works and helping you to get to grips with buyer psychology.

I will be breaking down the complex theories, ideas and strategies behind what makes tools like Infusionsoft and buyer psychology so effective, allowing you to apply those methods to your own marketing efforts.

Why are you doing this?

Mainly because my cats are terrible listeners.

epic marketing cat

Plus Automation Ninjas want to help make the world a better place and sitting on all this great knowledge doesn't really move us towards that goal.

So, along with the blogs that will be going up on the website, we'll be throwing down some knowledge on YouTube too.

We want to help make businesses like yours achieve great things, and I hope these videos will help you do just that.

If you'd like to work with us or have a question just click here. We'll be only too happy to help!

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