What are Client Profiles

What are Client Profiles and why do they matter?

When you start working with a new client, what is the first step in your process?

Do you create a wondrous client profile template and stash it in a handy rolodex of clients? So that you can recall it at whim and show your client that you know what the hell is going on at all times?


You should.

A client profile is basically who a client is but to the bone, not just skin deep. This is distilled into a pretty profile that is easily accessible for your team.

At your initial point of contact you can create this profile that helps you establish what they need and how you can turn their coal into diamonds. Give the client the opportunity to comb through where they are and give them a snapshot of everything they’re doing. Believe it or not when you’re so busy you’re treading water like a crazy person sometimes you lose track of the core processes of your business. 

Client profiles are more than just a ‘who is it’ that you establish when you first start working together

It is a continuously evolving assessment of your client. This is so important - it is not stagnant, because businesses aren’t stagnant. The basic data is always important for organisational purposes and you need a discovery file of your client’s products, goals, ROI, targets etc.

Small business life is hectic, we’re right there with you but the whole team knowing every client’s key facts makes you more than organised, it makes you a well oiled machine, and everyone likes a well oiled machine. 

I like a bit of organisation so if I haven’t dealt with a client in a few weeks I have a quick glance over their client profile and I look like the shiz when I correspond with them.

I update our client profiles on a quarterly basis

This gives space for assessment on both sides which is such an awesome boost for goal setting and marking achievement. Our client profiles involve everything from business description to lead magnets. We know more than who they are, we know what they’re striving for and what their targets are.

You don’t get much clearer because when you’re considering stats or establishing the next strategy for a client. If everything is in one tidy (and beautified) document it makes you more time efficient.

Time efficiency makes me very happy, almost as happy as colour coding. 

Client profiles are flexible

They can be designed to suit your business needs and what you need to know. You could use them as a dog groomer for example. Have all the dog’s and its human’s information and have a quick look before they arrive. Know what shampoo the dog is allergic to and how the human likes their tea.

We know you care and we know it is hard to remember all the things, all the time but client profiles will literally save your life and allow your business to shine. 

The ninjas support client profiles and so should you small businesses of the world!

This is something we do in our business because we care. We want our clients to feel warm, understood and supported at all times regardless of how often their targets or products change. 

These are the ninjas.

The ninjas have a great process that works.

The ninjas share this with the world.

The ninjas are kind.

Be like the ninjas.

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