What is a micro moment

What is a micro moment?

Author: Jojo Dixon

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The increasingly versatile and ever-changing technology that surrounds us has changed every part of our lives. The way we behave, think, communicate and travel.. The list is endless.

The marketing world is no stranger to this change. From marketing automation to micro moments, technology has changed the game.

Change can be scary. But, it can also be illuminating and worthwhile. Technological advancements have allowed us to have a closer look and better understanding of how our leads/prospects think and act.

To have a solid marketing strategy that brings in the results you’re looking for, whether that be higher conversion, more leads, higher ROI, an increase in CLV etc, there is one thing that has to be at the heart of it all.


When you understand consumer behaviour, knowing what you need to provide your leads and customers becomes easier. But, as we know, the ever-evolving digital landscape changes the way that we behave.

And so, marketers need to be on the ball. If the understanding that you have of consumer behaviour comes from the golden ages, (Ok. I like to exaggerate. But you catch my drift) it’s not a surprise if your marketing keeps missing the target.

One of the newer behavioural developments that has been brought to us by our favourite friend (and sometimes enemy) technology, is something called a micro-moment. And, micro moments are great for giving us insight into how effective our marketing choices are.

In this blog, you’re going to learn:

  • What is a micro moment?
  • What are micro / macro conversions?
  • How you can use them to your advantage in your marketing strategy

Ready to get into it? Let's go!

What is a micro moment?

According to Google, a micro moment is a moment that is rich in intent. These moments are defined by a person behaving off of a particular want. And these ‘wants’ are categorised like this:

1.  I want to know

2. I want to do

3. I want to go

4. I want to buy

In a world where we have masses of information ready and waiting for us at our fingertips, delayed gratification isn’t an option. People want their answers and they want them now. Ultimately, they want an answer that they believe matches their expectation or micro moment.

Micro moment

With the rise of smartphones, you don’t need to wait till you get home to jump onto a search engine and find the answer to your want. User expectations are higher than ever and the information available to them is more vaster than before.

If someone wants to return their clothes to a particular store, when they ask their search engine the location of the store, they expect that the search engine will provide them with the nearest location of the store they’re looking for. This moment in particular would fall into the ‘I want’ category.

In a nutshell, a micro moment is a snapshot of a consumer’s behaviour that stems from a ‘want.’ And, as marketers, we need to know how to give them the information that satiates their need.

While search engines do have a part to play in how they receive the information, it is up to us to produce it in a way that aligns with their micro moment. 

Now that we’re clear on a micro moment, let’s go a little deeper and take a dive into micro and macro conversion.

Micro and Macro conversions 

Micro and macro conversions are similar to a micro moment because they are essentially a snapshot of consumer behaviour that lets us know where our lead is on their customer journey or which awareness level it is that they currently find themselves.

Micro and macro conversions are defined as such:

A micro conversion is the completion of small steps or secondary actions by a consumer that indicate that they are going to convert.

 Some examples of a micro conversion are:

  • Putting a product in your basket
  • Downloading a lead magnet
  • Reposting your content on their social media
  • Filling in their delivery details on a shipping form.

Micro conversions don’t provide us with any kind of result we can see or hold. But, they are clear indicators that the sale is imminent. When you recognise these indicators, it is your job to take the necessary steps that will bring you and your lead closer to closing that sale.

A macro conversion is when a lead becomes a paying customer. They are tangible behaviours that you can record as a conversion. E.g., closing the sale or becoming a paying customer.

A macro conversion is essentially just a fancy term for conversion. Conversion is the aim of the game, right?

Micro moments

I’m with you! But, it’s important to remember to keep your eye on those micro conversions. You’ll bring in way more macro conversions by attending to the micro conversions that your leads present rather than dwelling over the amount of macro conversions you currently have coming in.

Using micro and macro conversions in your marketing

So, we now know that micro moments stem from a specific want that a consumer has. And, micro and macro conversions allow us to take a closer look at their behaviour and aid us in making the right decisions to move them along their customer journey.

We can’t take micro conversions to the bank. But when we see them, they are a clear indication that a macro conversion (or simply, conversion) is coming soon. And, if we can clearly see the micro conversions but somehow the deal isn’t being closed, we know that this is our time to step in.

This would be the correct time to follow up with them, start a cart abandonment series or send them suitable content that can move them through their awareness journey.

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As I mentioned, behaviour is at the heart of it all. It’s not enough to just create a great product or service and wait for the results to roll in. Keeping track of your consumers behaviour and knowing how to act accordingly is the sweet spot. Micro moments, micro and macro conversions allow us to do just that.

So, keep your eyes on the ball and start following up those conversions!

If by any chance you’re noticing these behaviours but you can’t figure out what the next steps are, get in touch by clicking the button below and we’ll get you following up just like a Ninja. 

It’s time to turn the micro into macro!

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