Marketing Automation Made Easy

A membership for small businesses and marketers to help you succeed and grow

As the person responsible for your growth you know:

That marketing automation could be the catalyst for massive success in your business.

It’s the key to leveraging all the time and effort you have put into growing to where you are now. 

It’s the linchpin to better quality leads, higher conversion rates and happier customers that spend more money with you.

It’s the way forward for you.

That's why...

You’ve put sooo much effort and time into this business, spending countless hours in front of your computer grafting away

… you’ve got so many ideas, and so little time. There is so much information to wade through, and so many rabbit holes to get lost in. You don’t want to just implement any old thing. It has to be right. You want the absolute best for your prospects and customers.

You want to start off on the right foot. Have the most solid foundations possible in place for your business. And you’ve been wrestling with where to start and what to do.

You want to optimise what you already have, getting the best results from everything you do. 

It’s hard to get things done, you have so many demands on your time, it’s easy to push your automation to the back burner and focus instead on the pressing needs of the here and now. 

But you know that’s not what is going to get you the growth you need. 

And so you’ve been spending time trying to save time. Spending effort and energy and getting nowhere fast. Constantly trying to figure it out, wondering and what iffing. Launching things and getting crickets, trying new angles and tactics… it’s exhausting.

But still... you’re committed to making this work. 

You’ve watched every webinar, read every book and blog, listened to every podcast.

And the worst part is:


That gross, anxiety in the pit of your stomach won’t go away no matter how much information you feed it because...

You honestly don’t know if your ideas and your marketing automation builds have what it takes to get people to engage and make that choice to buy from you

Even though you’re following best practices, you’ve been working from some of the best blogs out there and even been deconstructing what other people that are successful are doing… 

You still feel like you’re frankensteining stuff together, lost and a little out of focus. It’s messy, frustrating and honestly a little lonely. 

Quite frankly - you have no idea if what you’re doing is going to work. 

You have no idea if all those carefully laid plans are going to come to fruition or fail spectacularly. 

The starting point is so far away. And you have no idea why some things are working, and others aren’t. 

The thing is: 

You can’t learn how to make a world class customer journey from a blog post. Or an ebook. Or another one hour webinar that you never implement. 

That’s because: 

People don’t buy from you when you feel like sending them a campaign.

They buy from a carefully crafted and well put together customer journey that engages and nurtures them. One that caters to every touch point, pain and problem. One that makes you the obvious choice to work with and buy from.

You have to engineer that. 

What’s the biggest difference between marketing automation that fails and an automated journey that skyrockets your business?

Is it the technology? No.

Is it the copy and structure of the emails? Not really.

Is it how often you send it all? Nada.

Is it the tools, tricks and hacks? Hell no.

The truth is: 

Your success isn’t down to any one individual element. 

World class marketing automation is the sum of all the parts combined together in just the right way.

The secret to marketing automation that converts, brings you better quality leads and gives you customers that are happier and want to spend more money with you all lies in your customer journey. 

It’s how you put it together. 

The businesses that succeed with marketing automation spend years honing their processes, systems and communications. 

All amalgamated into a customer journey that converts.

Years?? I don’t have that kind of time.

Whether you’re launching your full automation system now, simply trying to put one campaign together to get started, or optimising what you have in place already…

Time is tight.

You’re busy. There is a business to run, clients and customers to deal with and a million things to do. You don’t have the time to take years to hone and tweak your customer journey. You need to know what works, and why. You need results.

Right now. 

So… if thousands of other businesses are doing it successfully… shouldn’t you be able to speed up the process if you can follow what they have already done?

Shouldn’t you be able to swipe a world class marketing automation success strategy?


The membership focused purely on helping you to strategise and execute your own world class marketing automation journey. 

This is not another one of those disappointing surface-level how-to's that you’ve already tried.

Not even close.

The Marketing Automation Academy is a complete customer journey based marketing automation haven. It’s everything you need to know precisely what to do and why, with in depth training on the strategy and how to do it all as well, the accountability to get it done and the feedback and critiquing to make sure it works. 

This membership leads you by the hand, with foundational courses to take you step by step through what you need to do,

challenges to help you get it done,

ongoing training and how-to’s

and the support to make sure your marketing automation is a world class masterpiece

From the strategy to the implementation, the copy writing to the tech. 

It's a comprehensive, detailed and effective membership - everything other courses, blogs, and resources are not. 

It’s not just a bunch of content, it’s the education, accountability and community that you need to get results. 

It’s not just great instruction on how to do things, it’s also the feedback and critiquing to ensure you’re doing the right things to get results.

And better:

It speeds you up so that you can smash those crazy growth goals and get shit done. 

The best part is: You can trust what you learn because it’s working in the real world, right now. With a proven track record and repeatable results. 

Get marketing automation training from someone who has nailed marketing automation success. Repeatedly.

The world class marketing automation process you’ll learn in the Marketing Automation Academy are based on the years of experience and work from bestselling author and multi award winning agency founder Kenda Macdonald


Kenda Macdonald

The original behavioural marketing automation ninja, Kenda Macdonald, is the founder of Automation Ninjas the leading behavioural marketing automation consultancy in the UK.

She’s been invited to speak on stages all over the world, and has spent the last 8 years creating world class customer journeys and automating them for hundreds of small businesses.

Using her studies in forensic psychology, Kenda has taken her understanding of how the brain works and combined it with marketing knowledge and automation skills to help businesses create phenomenal customer journeys that convert.

She wrote the bestselling book Hack The Buyer Brain, showing businesses how the brain evolved to survive - not buy things online, displaying the implications this has for your marketing and its automation.

She has won awards across the UK for her approach to marketing and the running of her agency, Automation Ninjas.

"372% increase in monthly sales, 266% more contacts on my list, 139% more customers. The stats say it all."

Karen MacFadyen, CEO Cake Coach Online

"Kenda Macdonald has an incredibly deep understanding of psychology, sales, and decision-making.

She's amazing. If you're struggling to make sales and you're not sure why, or your marketing needs help, or you need a customer journey – get in touch.

She'll help you make back your investment many times over"

Vicky Fraser, Founder Moxie Books

"I’ve now got ideas for nurture campaigns, know how to deal with objections (and give outstanding offers) and how to re-engage people."

Carol Clark, Founder The Doggy Doctor

"I always love working with Kenda and her Ninjas. There’s no BS. They get straight to the point and are fantastic at asking questions that force me to think about my pipelines, sales ladders and funnels from a new, previously unconsidered angle.

This results in a great plan which can be easily implemented from the beginning.

Working with Kenda and her Ninjas is without doubt one of the best investments I have ever made."

Mike Browne, CEO Picture This Ltd

"They have revolutionised the way we look at communicating with our prospects and existing clients and every aspect of our marketing."

Emma Warren, Founder Elite Staffing Solutions

Whom you learn from matters. 

When you’re taking advice from an expert, you want to know that it works in real life. You want to know why it works and the reassurance that it’s working right now for other businesses. 

In the Marketing Automation Academy you’ll get to learn exactly how to do what Kenda and her team do for their clients at Automation Ninjas.

The strategies and techniques you’ll learn have already had success in hundreds of businesses all across the world. 

It doesn’t matter what you’re automating, the Marketing Automation Academy has you covered 

You’ll get access to a pre-recorded vault loaded with a foundational behavioural marketing automation course, workbooks and a live community of like minded businesses where we do strategic training, accountability challenges and feedback and critiquing sessions.

Get Focused. Get It Done. Get Results.

The Marketing Automation Vault: 

You’ll get instant access to 5 Chapters, featuring 60+ training videos, varying between 2 to 15 mins long. This includes 13 workbooks (one for each module) with examples and exercises to ensure you’re collecting every bit of valuable information. 

1 - The Foundations of A customer Journey

In chapter 1 we’ll build the foundations of your customer journey. You’ll go from the basics of what a good customer journey looks like, through all the component parts of a world class journey and how you can plan yours using the lifecycle marketing framework provided.

We’ll cover common pitfalls, behaviour to track for, what to automate and tools you can use. 

Of course no foundation is complete without talking data and reporting, and we’ll cover data types, considerations and what’s really important to you - keeping data simple.

2 - Attract: Lead Generation 

Chapter 2 is all about the things you need to know and do to attract more leads and customers into your business. We go in depth into lead magnets, the psychology behind why they work and how understanding awareness is vital to getting attention. We’ll take a look at what makes a good lead magnet and how to choose the right one to create.

We’ll romp through list building and how to build something both powerful and conversion friendly. You’ll learn how to use psychographics and leverage the power of ingroups to understand your audience and create a list people actually want to be a part of.

After all that we’ll cover off newsletters and how to create something that’s engaging and valuable to your audience. 

3 - Engage: Nurture and Value Add 

Chapter 3 is everything you need to to build relationships and engage your audience. We’ll take an intensive look at the two types of nurture, and how powerful a nurture first strategy can be for your business. 

You’ll learn how to be strategic with your content and use it to progressively profile your audience. 

And you’ll uncover the power of a world class welcome strategy that you can implement straight away.

4 - Sell: Making The Offer and Closing The Sale 

Chapter 4 focuses on making the sale. Here you’ll learn about the power of framing and the purchase formula - how the brain makes the decision to buy. The psychology behind the purchase is invaluable to ensuring that your campaigns convert. 

We’ll cover how you can craft a phenomenal offer for your prospects so that your products are precisely what your audience needs. You’ll learn how to use your automation to cover off objections and create better quality leads that convert higher and are willing to spend more. 

And of course we’ll look at sales campaigns and sales pipelines. You’ll be given the strategies we use with our clients and the know how to use them. We’ll go through both sales campaigns and sales pipelines so you can  use the most effective strategy for your business. 

We’ll also take a look at some of the mistakes that are easy to make during the sales process, and how you can optimise for conversions with your automation - even if your sales process is manual. 

5 - Wow: Customer Lifetime Value, Referrals and Testimonials

Chapter is 5 all about the post purchase process. We get into the nitty gritty of customer lifetime value here, uncovering the secrets to the loyalty success of some of the biggest brands. 

We’ll look at how to optimise moments of truth and use your automation to avoid post purchase apathy. You’ll get the strategies to increase your engagement after the sale, ensuring your brand new customers are happy, satisfied and ready for more.

You’ll learn the true power of testimonials, and how to collect testimonials that make sales for you. We’ll also look at how to splinter your hard-won testimonials and use them in your ongoing marketing efforts to wow your new prospects and increase your conversion rates.

Finally we’ll look at ways to re-engage your cold audience and bring them back to life again.

That’s only the beginning…

Not only will you get access to the Marketing Automation Vault with all this phenomenal training, but you’ll also get access to the live membership community.


And that’s where the magic really happens. 

You’re busy, and a bunch of content isn’t going to help you get focused, get it done and get results. That’s why we created the academy community. 

The community is where you’ll join other like minded people, all working towards nailing their marketing automation. 

More than that it’s where education meets implementation. It’s the focus area, full of new training, challenges, accountability and feedback. 

Every 3 weeks there is strategic training with Kenda - where new in depth training is taught.

This kickstarts a challenge, where you have two weeks to create that one thing.

At the end of those two weeks you’ll have a chance to submit your creation for review and feedback directly from Kenda, or another expert in the field.

You’ll have a week to make changes before the next one begins. 

We'll cover topics ranging across:

  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Engagement
  • Reporting and Data
  • The Psychology of Marketing
  • Sales Campaigns
  • Sales Pipelines
  • Email Strategy
  • Nurture and Value Add
  • Workflow and fulfilment campaigns 
  • Copy writing
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • Blog strategy and content distribution
  • Referrals and testimonials
  • Up-sells, Cross-sells and Down-sells
  • Customer Lifetime Value

The training, challenge and feedback combination means you know exactly what to do, have the focus and the accountability to get it done, and the expert feedback to know you’re doing the right thing. 

Marketing Automation gold dust.

Every month there will also be an open Q&A session to ask specific questions and pick the brains of Kenda and the Automation Ninjas.

You’ll be joining an engaging community focused on growth, execution and results. 

So much time saved - and clear results. Win, win, win.

Regardless of which part really tickles your fancy you’ll get access to: 

Step-By-Step Training

A Marketing Automation Vault full of instructional and informative videos that guide you through everything you need to do to get your foundations in place for your marketing automation and campaigns. 

You’ll know what each and every piece of a world class customer journey is and how it all fits together so you can build your very own marketing machine that works.

Worksheets, Templates and Exercises

Knowledge is useless without action. We’ve created workbooks, templates, structure and exercises to make it as simple as possible to implement your journey.

All you need to do is do the work, and we’ll be there every step of the way to make sure it’s good. 

Live Training

The vault will only keep growing with new live training getting added every 3 weeks.

Kenda and other subject matter experts go in depth into topics, strategies, tools and concepts to ensure your automation is always improving. 

The live sessions offer you the opportunity to ask questions and get the most out of the experts at hand.

Challenges, Accountability and Feedback

Every live training session is turned into a challenge to give you a little kick up the butt to focus and get shit done. It’s this accountability that leads to constant improvement and progress. 

The feedback sessions mean you will finally know for sure that what you’re producing is the very best quality it can be. 

A Community of Other World Class Seeking Businesses

There is very little better than having the support of amazing people around you when you’re working hard at success. Without it, it's a lonely journey full of doubt and frustration. 

No more. Join a community of like minded business owners, all seeking to create their own world class journeys. This is your place to optimise and excel. 

There is so much transformation, achievement and power waiting for you on the other side of this academy

Join the Marketing Automation Academy.

The only membership focused on helping you nail both strategy and implementation. Designed to get you focused, get shit done and get results with your marketing automation.

As an academy member you get:

Access to the Marketing Automation Vault

  •  5 Chapters of Foundational Training
  •  13 Modules of Strategy Know-How
  •  60+ Videos and Counting 
  •  13+ Worksheets, Exercises and Templates

Access to the Marketing Academy Community

  •  Live Training on Strategy and Implementation 
  •  Monthly Challenges and Accountability to get shit done 
  •  Feedback and Critiques to keep you on track
  •  Monthly Q&A to pick the Ninja brains

Check Out With Confidence

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Easy Cancellation

If growth isn’t for you, part ways anytime - you’re never locked into anything silly

Questions people like you asked before nailing their marketing automation:

How do I pay?

You can pay online via our order form with Visa, Mastercard or American Express. If you would prefer a direct debit - do pop us a message and we can get that set up for you. 

How is the training vault accessed?

You get immediate access! The training vault is hosted on our main site, you will get an automated email with login credentials and access details as soon as your payment is processed. You’ll be able to save your progress and access it from desktop as well as mobile. 

How is the community accessed? 

The community is hosted on Slack. We have found that this is by far the best platform to keep everyone engaged and organised. You’ll be able to control all your own notifications, and access it via your browser, a desktop app or a mobile app. Any which way you prefer!

What’s the cancellation policy? 

If you’re not happy you’re free to go! We’re not going to force you to stay :) No quibbles, just let us know and we’ll set you free. 

Convince me one last time? 

Oh alright then.
If you’re struggling to get started and want a clear path and the best foundations possible - this is for you.
If you’ve got too many ideas and too little time and just need to get some results already now - this is for you.
If you’re just looking for something that works - this is for you.
If you’re looking to learn and grow, upskilling and improving what you’re already doing - this is for you.
If you’re looking to get feedback and accountability, get fresh and new ideas and supercharge your marketing automation - this is for you.
If you’re looking for an awesome community of like minded people all focused on improvement and success - this is for you.
If you’re looking to optimise and excel with your automation - this is for you.
We built this so you can:
Get focused. Get it done. Get results.
And of course… have fun while you’re doing it! 

What if I’m just getting started out? 

That’s perfect! You don’t need advanced skills to become an academy member. You’ll get everything you need to get the most solid foundations in place. We combine foundational content with more advanced topics so you’ll always have something to be working on. You can always reach out to us Ninjas in the community too if you need any help deciding what tools to use. 

What if I’m quite advanced? 

Excellent! We love optimisation :) Being Ninjas we love the more advanced topics, and ensure that there is a healthy dose of foundations vs advanced content. There is a strong focus on continual improvement in the community. 

We work day in and day out with complicated campaigns, so we’d love to see what advanced things you will be bringing to the table!


I’ve done training before - will I learn anything new? 

When it comes to the automation space, we know what’s out there. So we can confidently say, yes. You’ll learn something new. Because this program is based on our unique strategies that we’ve honed over years of experience and behavioural know how, you can’t learn this stuff anywhere else.
It doesn’t matter how much training you’ve done. If you’re still not quite nailing your marketing automation potential - this is for you.

Why shouldn’t I do it? 

If you’re not going to do the work… This isn’t for you.
We’re providing a place to get shit done. The accountability to make it happen. The focus, know how and the strategy. We’re even providing feedback and optimisation help to make sure it’s good. This is a place to be understood, to learn, grow and excel.
Everything we’re creating is to make it easy for you to attain success, the only thing we can’t make you do is the actual work. If you’re looking for a silver bullet or a magic wand which means no effort from you at all, so sorry - we don’t deal in those!