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Projects vs packages - what’s the difference?

Ready to rock your marketing automation? We offer a range of products and packages to help you get the most out of your strategies and systems. But what’s the difference between a package and a product?

Our Packages are designed so we can make it all happen for you. They are out of the box services that require a little information from you, and we do it all. They come in two levels: with copy/ without copy. Think of it as a done for you service to get you moving quickly.

Our Projects are designed to be bespoke. We take the structures and strategies and adapt them. For example - you may need a sales campaign, but you want to add some emails in, add a little bit here and adapt the process to suit what you need. Think of it as a tailor made project where we work closely with you to perfectly fit your unique scenario.

Both our packages and projects have been carefully designed to enhance your business and make your marketing automation sing.

We’ve got your customer journey covered...

  • Behavioural and Data Driven Content Plans
  • Lead Magnets
  • Short Term Nurture and Follow Up Campaigns
  • Welcome Campaigns
  • Sales Campaigns
  • Sales Pipelines
  • Onboarding Campaign
  • Customer Lifetime Value boosters - Upsells/ Cross-sells and Downsells
  • Long Term Nurture Campaigns
  • Newsletters 
  • Engagement, Segmentation and Progessive Profiling Strategies
  • Customer Journey Planning

We’re here to help you automate and enhance your customer journey. From bringing leads in, to qualifying and converting, to engaging and increasing customer lifetime value, we’ve put our years of experience behind every service- helping you execute your own world class marketing automation. 

All the Ninja Projects and Packages

Behavioural and Data Driven Content Plans

Need to create content to get more traffic to your site? Need to engage your leads? Need to position yourself as an authority and better communicate your products and services?

The Behavioural and Data Driven Content plan is a bespoke project where we work with you to uncover the information your audience needs, the most searched for and useful terms and the information you are best places to create content for.

Combining data and behavioural understanding, we’ll craft a content plan you can use to attract traffic, create relationships, build authority and enhance your sales process.

Available as a project
Starting at £750 + VAT (where applicable)


Lead magnets are the lifeblood of any inbound lead generation strategy. Level up your lead magnets by working with us to structure and craft lead magnets that convert.

We’ll help strategise lead magnets that your audience wants to consume, craft the structure of your lead magnet and design and create them where appropriate. Our lead magnets all contain our signature behavioural strategy to help you succeed.

Available as a project
Starting at £500 + VAT (where applicable)

Short Term Nurture and Follow Up Campaigns 

After your lead magnets comes nurture. Strong nurture is the most effective way to increase conversion rates. Whether it’s following up from lead magnet opt-in, or keeping your audience engaged, nurture is critical to conversion success.

Our nurture campaigns are designed to increase engagement, prepare your leads for sales and enhance conversion rates. Work with us to craft nurture strategies that convert.

Available out of the box as packages and as projects
Starting at £979 + VAT (where applicable) 


Setting the tone and the expectations at opt-in is vital to secure loyalty and engagement. Your welcome campaign is your first impression! Put your best foot forward with a campaign that sets the scene and starts your relationship off the right way.

Utilise our welcome campaign strategy to ensure your first contact is strategic, optimised and encourages engagement.

Available as an out of the box package and as a project
Starting at £979 + VAT (where applicable


Sales is the life blood of business. Without sales we can’t grow or support our audience in a meaningful way. And yet even as one of the most fundamental components to any business, sales campaigns are mostly lack-lustre and put customers off.

Employ our best in class sales campaigns to engage and educate your audience, optimise conversion rates and build sales campaigns that your consumers enjoy receiving.

Available as an out of the box package and as a project
Starting at £1499 +VAT (where applicable)


Need to nail your sales process? Ready to make marketing automation work for you in your sales pipeline? Looking to bring behavioural know how into sales to enhance your conversion rates?

Sales and marketing automation are a match made in heaven. Sales pipelines should be flexible, adaptive, intuitive and work to amplify the strengths of your sales team.

We combine your existing processes with world class automation strategies and content that increases conversion rates while minimising time wasting for sales teams.

Work with use to create a sales pipeline that makes your sales sing.

Available as a project
Starting at £1949 +VAT (where applicable)


What happens when you’ve converted a customer? Do you continue loving them in the same way you schmoozed them during sales? Or is it an abrupt shift change for them as you focus on the next sale?

Good quality onboarding is the difference between buyers remorse and a customer that becomes an advocate with a high customer lifetime value. Onboarding also teaches your customers how to be the best customer possible, leading to less customer problems later on down the line. It can even get you a second and third sale if you play your cards right.

We’ve developed an onboarding strategy that will keep your new customers happy, engage and educate them and get them ready for the next step in the process. Grab our strategy or work with us to turn your onboarding into customer lifetime value heaven.

Available as an out of the box package and as a project
Starting at £979 +VAT (where applicable)

Customer Lifetime
Value Boosters

Upsells, cross-sells and downsells are how you increase your customer lifetime value and continue to help and serve your audience. Unfortunately, so few businesses have strategies in place to really optimise or enhance these next steps in the customers journey.

Work with us to uncover your customer lifetime value boosting strategy and create a plan that funnels you profits and happier customers.

Available as a project
Starting at £979 + VAT (where applicable)

Long Term Nurture Campaigns  

Of all the projects, campaigns and strategies we implement for our clients, one strategy wins them all when it comes to increasing conversion rates: the long term nurture. If you’re looking to engage your list, keep customers coming back for more and to strengthen your segmentation and list insight - the long term nurture is what you need.

Long term nurture strategies are designed to help you keep in touch with your audience in ways that position you as an authority, inspire action and engagement, while segmenting your audience.

Strong long term nurture has helped us increase conversion rates by 358%, and gain behavioural insights into audiences to enhance segmentation and enable progressive profiling.

We’ll work with you to create a strategic plan that does all of the above whilst inspiring your audience.

Available as a project
Starting at £979 + VAT (where applicable)


While a newsletter used to be enough to motivate and inspire your audience to interact with you, modern consumers demand so much more than a depersonalised blast of what you’re up to and why you’re so great.

Standard business focussed newsletters are a bygone strategy that fails to meet consumer expectations… Instead upgrade your strategy to focus on a newsletter that inspires, motivates and informs. Create something that your consumers welcome into their inboxes.

Work with use to modernise and upgrade your strategy - crafting a modern newsletter that motivates.

Available as an out of the box package and as a project
Starting at £600 + VAT (where applicable)

Engagement, Segmentation &  Profiling Strategies

Once you have your marketing automation chugging along, your next big step is getting the most out of your data. Learning more about what your audience is interested in, presenting the right message to the right person at the right time, keeping engagement high and utilising this information to increase your conversion rates.

We work with companies to help them increase the efficiency of their automation, making it work harder for them - enriching your conversion rates and engagement through progressive profiling.

If you want true “if this then that” functionality, and clearly segmented audience profiles - this project is for you.

Available as a project
Scope of projects vary - basics projects starting at £979 + VAT (where applicable)

Customer Journey Planning  

Your customer journey is the backbone of your business. Your journey dictates the software and systems you should use, every single one of the campaigns you put in place, your strategy, your goals and your direction. Unfortunately most businesses don’t have clarity as to their customer journey.

Don’t know the individual steps to your customer journey? Unsure how to bring it all together? Missing parts to your marketing automation?

We’re experts in behavioural customer journey design. We’ll help you understand consumer behaviour and plan a customer journey that gets you better quality leads, higher conversion rates, better customer lifetime value and higher ROI.

Get started with your bespoke customer journey planning session. You’ll leave with a plan for your entire journey, plus a map to enable you to clearly communicate it across all departments and aspects of the business.

Available as a project
Starting at £2979 + VAT (where applicable)

Our Methodology


Buyer Behaviour


World Class Framework


Compelling Content

Who are our projects and packages for?

We work with small to medium businesses in B2B, B2C, B2G (business to government) sectors across the globe. Our focus is specifically on businesses that need marketing automation that educates, builds relationships and converts.

These projects work best with businesses that are dedicated to improving their marketing, and are investing in their strategy for the long term. We don’t sell quick fix solutions, and as marketing automation is ever changing beast - it always works best with businesses that are always looking to optimise and innovate.

Our methodology is based around buyer psychology and therefore requires a strong customer first approach. You have to love your audience and want to improve their lives to make this work!

We work with businesses that are looking to:
Put a strategy in place for their marketing using a world class framework
Enhance and automate their customer journey

  • Put marketing in place that automates their customer journey
  • Create content that drives traffic and grows their list
  • Build an engaged audience
  • Increase their opt-ins
  • Qualify and convert leads
  • Understand and empower their audience
  • Increase engagement
  • Automate lead magnet delivery and lead nurture
  • Automate their sales and sales pipelines
  • Enhance retention and increase customer lifetime value
  • Have happier customers and a slick process from lead to repeat customer

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I choose a project or a package?

Our Packages are out of the box services that require a little information from you, and we do it all. They come in two levels: with copy/ without copy. Think of it as a done for you service to get you moving quickly.

Our Projects are designed to be bespoke, a tailor made service where we work closely with you to perfectly fit your unique scenario.

Choosing between the two is quite simple!

Do you want to get something up and running, but you don’t have specific requests for how it’s done? You want something that you know is best practice and want to use our world class framework? Then a package is for you! We’ll show you the best practice ways to get it done. You can then write the copy yourself or have our inhouse team of writers do it for you.

But if you have a very specific need, your business is a little more complex than most and want something very bespoke? Then a project is for you. We’ll still make sure you have best practices in place, but we’ll design and craft something unique to you. Totally bespoke to your situation. 

What if I’m just getting started out with marketing automation?

That’s perfect! You don’t need advanced skills to implement most of our services and we’ll always make sure that what you’re buying is right for you before money changes hands. 

All our campaigns and strategies are designed to be as straightforward as possible, and we pride ourselves in creating simple yet effective strategies.


What if I’m quite advanced in my marketing automation? 

Excellent! We love optimisation 🙂 Being Ninjas we love the more advanced campaigns. No matter how advanced you are, the core strategy is still the same. 

We work day in and day out with complicated campaigns, so we’d love to see what advanced things you’re working on, and how we can help you level them up!

How long does it take?

Each service is different, but we aim to deliver most packages within a month, and most projects within 3 months. The length of time will depend on how quickly you can get information back to us, and our scheduling. We’ll always let you know what our lead time is before we get started! 

How do I buy?

Hit the contact us button above to register your interest. We’ll be in touch with some questions and will book a call in if needed. Once we’re clear on what you need we’ll quote you for the work for a project, or send you an order form for a package.


Why shouldn’t I buy a package/project?

If you’re not going to do the work… This isn’t for you.

We provide these services to ensure you’re getting world class campaigns, years of experience and buyer psychology driven insights to improve your marketing automation. We work hard to make sure it’s as easy for you to implement as possible - but we have to work together to make it happen!

Everything we’ve designed is to make it easy for you to attain success, the only thing we can’t make you do is the actual work. If you’re looking for a silver bullet or a magic wand which means no effort from you at all, so sorry - we don’t deal in those! 


I don’t have a marketing automation system - can you help?

We certainly can! Our clients use a myriad of systems like:
Active Campaign
Infusionsoft (now Keap Max Classic)

If you need to get a system in place we can help you understand what’s right for you any why. Just book a call and we can chat through your options. 


How is the project/package delivered?

Once you book in and secure your service with us, everything will be delivered online. We’ll keep clear lines of communication open via email and use Zoom or Hangouts to chat with you where needed. While each service is different, you can expect the following steps:
- Confirmation email from your enquiry
- A friendly ninja hello asap, with some questions to help us understand what you need
- For packages you’ll get an order form to complete once we’re sure it’s the right thing for you
- For projects we’ll book in a scoping call and quote you for the work
- Once the service is confirmed, we’ll collect the information we need via questions or a call
- We’ll get clear on your goals and what you’re hoping to achieve so we can ensure all the right elements are in place
- Once implementation starts you’ll be kept updated on the progress each step of the way
- When we get closer to completion and handover, you’ll receive your work plus any documentation and next steps you need to ensure success
- After handover we’ll check in with you to see how things are going
Packages are generally less hands on from you, whereas with projects we’ll need a little more one-on-one time with you to ensure everything fits your unique criteria perfectly. 


When will I see ROI?

The million dollar question! Return on Investment is often tricky to measure - we’ll always make sure we’re clear on what you’re wanting to achieve so we can help you keep an eye on the lead and lag indicators for your Key Performance Indicators for the service. We rely on you driving traffic or utilising the service in the right way, so it’s hard for us to spitball figures and timelines without more specific details. It also greatly depends on your industry and buying cycles. 

ROI in general can be immediate, or much longer term depending on the service and what you’re wanting to achieve. All this said, doing our best to give you some ballpark figures: 

  • For smaller services like lead magnets etc ROI is usually pretty immediate, and you can generally see your ROI within around 3 months. 

  • For bigger pieces of work, like sales pipelines, long term nurture campaigns or data driven content plans, you can see your ROI in 6 months plus. 


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"The project was well structured and the combination of direct, personal support via calls with the team supplemented by detailed training materials helped make the whole process feel effortless...

Our overall marketing strategy feels a lot clearer and cohesive, and we’re in a far stronger position to cater to the broader customer awareness journey, rather than the very narrow part of the process we were previously focused on.

If you’re feeling a bit stuck or stagnant in your marketing, then the clarity alone that comes from working with Automation Ninjas is worth engaging in this process. "

Mike Morrison - Co-Owner, Membership Geeks