How to optimise your current lead magnets

How to optimise your current lead magnets

You likely have some awesome lead magnets already. Ebooks, webinars, guides, templates and workbooks are examples of lead magnets you can offer your audience, to build trust with your brand.

Do you have these? Yes?! Congrats! They’re a massive part of any marketing strategy. 

But are yours performing at their best?

It’s a common dilemma. Hours of blood, sweat and tears have been poured into creating great lead magnet content for your audience. But you’re not quite seeing the results you would like.

Yes, folk are clicking and you’re getting a few leads. You know the content is high quality, but it’s not quite at the standard you hoped. You want more from it.

It’s time to optimise

Too often we see people concentrating on creating new lead magnets. But the proof is in the pudding. There is no point continually creating more without making sure your current content is at its prime. 

Here are a few of our favourite ways you can optimise your current lead magnets, to make sure you are getting the most from them.

Use stats & reporting

Your biggest and most bad-ass tool for optimising lead magnets is performance reports. 

Using analytical reports and statistics can be daunting at first. But in simple form, all you are doing is understanding your audience. 

Reporting can tell you what content your audience is loving and what they aren’t. It can tell you if they prefer to take in their information via video or text, if they want a download or would rather take part in a webinar. 

It’s also a wonderful way to check you are answering the right questions. Content that is full of useless information won’t be getting much action, regardless of how it's presented. 

Take your existing lead magnets and start pulling some figures. 

Here’s what you need to be looking at:

Engagement Levels

A good starting point is looking at how many people are actually engaging with your lead magnet.

You’ll want to look at:

  • How many people are downloading/reading/opening your lead magnet?
  • How many of these are converting into customers?
  • If your lead magnet is in an email, how many people are opening your emails?

Flag up which lead magnets have the highest and lowest engagement by looking at your click-through and conversion rates. Make a list or spreadsheet (who doesn’t love a spreadsheet?) to layout the data in a way that is easy to understand. 

What types of lead magnets are working/not working?

If you have a few different types of lead magnet (go you!), try and compare these too.

Start by checking out your highest and lowest performing lead magnets.

Are templates getting more engagement than checklists? Does your audience love downloading an eBook? How many sign-ups are you getting for your webinars?

Do you have lead magnets from different awareness levels that work better than others? 

If you're starting to wonder whether you're lead magnets just need a complete overhaul, don't panic. We'd be happy to help get you on the right track. We offer projects that are focused on perfecting specific areas of marketing. Take a look at our lead magnet project blog to find out how we can level up your lead magnets. 

Start transforming your lead magnets

Once you’ve figured out what your best-performing lead magnets are and why, use your findings to optimise  your others. 

With some creativity, you can rework the content into a different form of lead magnet, one that you know resonates better with your audience.

For example, maybe you have an awesome checklist. You know it’s full of value-packed information. Yet no one is downloading it.

On the other hand, all your eBooks have been a hit. So how about extending that checklist into an eBook? You can still include the checklist as part of the eBook. But as you know eBooks appeal to your audience, you will likely get more downloads as a result.

Or maybe your webinars haven’t been a great success, but you can tell your audience loves a video. Consider breaking down your webinar into a video campaign. You can still give your audience the same valuable information. But instead of a long-form webinar, you break it down into several shorter videos that you deliver via email, and maybe even utilise on your social media or blog.

Ultimately you are listening to your audience, giving them the content they want in the form they love while increasing your email list. Win-win!

Research – Competitor, Customer, Keywords & SEO

A second part to optimising your lead magnets is refreshing your research. 

I’m sure you did plenty of research when you first created your content. Competitor research, customer journey planning and keyword analysis. 

Have you checked recently to see if things have changed? Trends come and go, competition fluctuates and customers develop new problems. 

New problems that YOU could be solving for them! 

Start with customer and competitor research. 

Dig deep to find out what questions your audience are asking and what problems they need to be solved. Then check to see what your competitors are doing to answer this and how successful their approaches are. You may find there are gaps that you can jump on as your part of your lead magnet strategy. 

Once you know what problems you’re going to solve for your audience, you need to understand how customers are researching answers. 

Keyword research helps you define exactly what words, language and phrases your audience are using when in their research phase. We use Mangools as a fab tool to help with this, but there's plenty of others out there!

Powered by your research findings and keyword list, now take a look at your lead magnets. Make sure they are matching up with your research. And if they are not? Consider re-writing the content, adapting the format or adding additional value. 

Top tip: You may want to consider re-promoting this content to your existing audience too! Show them you’re keeping your content up-to-date and that you value having them as a customer.


Overall, the key to keeping your lead magnets optimised is regular check-ins. 

Keep yourself accountable and schedule time to look over your statistics. Look into current trends and refresh your research to make sure your content is still relevant. 

Then use your new knowledge and insights to optimise your lead magnets like a boss!

We're experts on lead magnets - we've been creating them for businesses and ourselves for some time. If you feel you need some support getting yours nailed, we'd love to help you.

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