Everything you need to know about our lead magnet project

Author: Ashton Oldham

Hey there, I'm Ashton, the Content Ninja with a penchant for creativity! I'm all about crafting killer customer-focused content and sprinkling it with that special sauce that makes brands pop. Teaching, strategising, organising (people and projects), and spicing up collaborations? That's my jam!

When you think about a magnet, you are probably picturing the strong pull it has on particular materials. Strong enough to make it stick. A lead magnet works in the same way. 

We use them in marketing to attract (pull in) our ideal customers and keep them interested; make them stick. 

Think of lead magnets as a secret weapon, one you really want to have in your arsenal to increase lead generation. In fact, Ninjas are known to use weapons, ones that are well-crafted, highly effective and accessible at all times.

Dwight knows exactly what we’re talking about!

Let me explain what a lead magnet is without all these fancy metaphors. 

A lead magnet is a way of delivering value, positioning yourself as an expert, and building some all important trust.

The purpose = get more leads

BUT and this bit’s mega important, higher-quality leads. We want leads that will actually convert, otherwise we are just using up our energy and resources with likely no reward.

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

There are an abundance of lead magnets to choose from, in fact we’ve got a nice list of examples in our example of an excellent lead magnet blog.

If your business isn’t using lead magnets yet, or your existing ones don’t seem to be working, your marketing pipeline and sales funnel are probably looking pretty light. 

Here’s where the Ninjas step in with a big wave of the hand “we can help!”

We know they work. In fact, one of our clients measured a 358% increase in conversions after we implemented a Mothers’ Day Gift Guide lead magnet in their annual mothers day campaign. Not only did they nearly quadruple their conversions, but they increased their average order value too. More purchases, of a higher value.

Who doesn’t want potential sales flooding in thick and fast?! A full funnel provides opportunity.

Main reasons why businesses reach out for our support with lead magnets:

  • There’s already so much to do, and you don’t have  enough time to create them
  • You’re  unsure of what you’re actually trying to achieve, and you feel like there’s no real strategy in place
  • It’s all a bit overwhelming, there are so many things to change and implement
  • Your current lead magnets are not working and you’re not really unsure why
  • You’re not really sure how to even go about creating lead magnets in the first place

Figuring out how to create lead magnets that your audience needs isn’t impossible. But, it can be tricky. 

There’s a whole host of psychological factors to consider, after all your audience is made up of real life people, and people can be complex! Take a look at our blog on the psychology behind high performing lead magnets to get a better understanding.

So, we’ve established you want to join the club of businesses who have funnels brimming with leads. Let me explain how we can help you to achieve this and experience awesome results with our lead magnet project.

What is a ninja lead magnet project?

A ninja lead magnet project is us working with you to create a lead magnet you can be proud of. 

We’ll work to either: 

1. Write the copy and design it 

2. Help you to write the copy yourself and then we design it

Focusing solely on getting you more high-quality leads, we work closely with you to understand your specific requirements.

Once we have established your needs we will quote for the work which generally consists of creating the lead magnets from the ground up. However, we do offer more bespoke options should we need to.

We will want to know your goals, understand your audience and consider your constraints.  

Our objective is to create lead magnets that help convert prospects into customers, by educating your audience and offering fantastic value.

Sounds pretty good - amirite?

Example of a great ninja lead magnet

Below is an example of a lead magnet we produced with a client. ADPR is a fantastic PR agency whose team members are passionate about creating relevant PR strategies and compelling content to help businesses go the distance.

One of the biggest challenges their target audience faced was choosing the right agency for their business. 

It was great to recognise this barrier, because it meant ADPR could do something about it. The buyers guide became the perfect vessel to educate their audience and help them to make an informed decision. 

The buyers guide is completely free (as any good lead magnet should be!), so the audience is getting great value. In return they provide an email address.

This is gold dust to ADPR. They now have another business contact to build a relationship with. Providing more useful information and guidance which in turn promotes ADPR as thoughtful and trustworthy experts in the realm of PR.

Unsurprisingly this has gone on to help them secure more sales opportunities, with a higher chance of conversion.


Why we offer lead magnet projects in the first place

One thing we know is that businesses struggle to create good content for their lead magnets; don’t create enough of them; or haven’t been strategic when deciding on what lead magnets to use. 

Marketing automation really relies on quality leads going into the system. We have a great team of copywriters, strategists and automation experts who ensure that every lead magnet we put in place will achieve positive results.

The process: what happens when you sign up

When you decide that you want to go down the lead magnet route, you just need to let us know here

1. Then we’ll reach out to you with some detailed questions, to figure out what you want and what you need ( two very different things by the way…)

2. You’ll share with us your problem areas, any experience you have with lead magnets, what your customer journey looks like and if you have a strategy in place. 

3. We will then put a plan together, along with a quote. And, after you’ve signed off on our proposal, we’ll arrange a call to discuss the nitty gritty and answer any questions you may have.

4. Once we are in agreement, we will provide an outline of the lead magnet and work with you on the content plan. We need your input to pull it together, after all you are the expert on your business. 

5. The lead magnet will then be created by one of our team members and sent to you for review. If you’re happy we design it in full, including the email series to promote it to your audience.

It’s really quite a straightforward process and we are with you every step of the way.

Who is it for?

It’s for you if you  want to increase the number of high-quality leads entering your sales funnels and achieve a higher conversion rate.

We create lead magnets for companies of all sorts and sizes. Do you fall under the b2b, b2c or b2g category? Yes? Great! You’re included.

It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach… we do recognise that you all have your own quirks and specialities which need to be considered. That’s why we work closely with you to understand where you fit and what is right for you.

Below is a list of goals, if you have one of these as part of your marketing strategy, you’re in the right place!

  • Get more leads
  • Get better leads
  • Educate and engage your leads
  • Want to build a list prospective customers
  • Put more traffic into sales funnel / build pipeline
  • Capture traffic from websites and social media etc. 
  • Increase conversion rates and grow revenue

Who it is a good fit for

The Automation Ninjas lead magnet project is a great fit, if:

  • You want to educate your leads, build trust and create great business relationships.
  • You want to drive traffic to your website and capture leads from multiple sources, e.g social media/affiliates.
  • You need more high-quality leads for your sales & marketing team to convert.

Here’s an example of a great fit.

New Zealand Natural Clothing has been working with us for some time now. Earlier in this blog I mentioned the incredible 358% increase in conversions from the Mothers’ Day campaign we produced for them.

Just take a look at the stats below (which they kindly allowed us to share). 

The growth is phenomenal and we are so thrilled to be a part of their journey to business success.

Who it’s not a good fit for

The Automation Ninjas lead magnet project is NOT a great fit, if:

  • You’re not focusing on building a list or filling your sales funnel.
  • You’re not going to implement and utilise the lead magnet we create for you.
  • You don’t have time to work with us and provide the necessary information for us to build the lead magnets.

That last one is super important. We REALLY want you to succeed and we only want to provide you with a great lead magnet. In order for us to do so, we need a little time and effort from you. 

We’ve been doing this for a long time and we know what works, and what doesn’t. When we give you advice it’s based on what we have learned over the years.

If you are coming to us hoping we can just wave a magic marketing wand and make lots of lovely leads appear… I’m afraid you’re going to be a bit discontented. 

As the saying goes: help us, help you!

What results can you expect from a lead magnet project?

Going into this project you’ll have a goal, whether that is more more leads, better leads, more educated leads etc. so you can expect that the results reflect that goal.

However, the results we be completely dependent on the following:

  • Type of lead magnet (checklist, e-book, webinar etc)
  • Awareness level of audience vs lead magnet
  • Longevity of lead magnet content
  • Current traffic surrounding lead magnet placement
  • Whether it is for top of funnel, middle of funnel or bottom of funnel

Let’s explore that last one:

Top of funnel (ToFu) is focused on bringing in more leads, it’s all about the quantity of good quality leads.

Middle of funnel (MoFu) centres on educating your leads, building trust and increasing the quality.

Bottom of funnel (BoFu) lead magnets are there to increase conversion rates.

What we want you to get from this project is a great lead magnet that you can be proud of. One that is fit for purpose taking all of the above and your all important goal into account.

How long will it take to see these results:

Again, it’s dependent on a variety of factors. Especially where traffic to the lead magnet is coming from, whether it’s being implemented into an existing traffic funnel or sent to your already existing database.

  • For ToFu lead magnets the results are usually immediate. The lead magnet will likely be placed where you already have good traffic levels.
  • Results of MoFu lead magnets are harder to see due to the type of lead magnet, remember the aim is to be educational here. It will give you more knowledgeable leads and the sales processes should become easier due to this.
  • BoFu lead magnets produce higher quality leads with less objections, and therefore a higher conversion rate. However the timing completely depends on your sales cycle, how long it takes and what stages are included. 

We will always include an observation period; a 30 day window where we track the results of the lead magnet.

Peeps, if you don’t realise by now, we want you to succeed!!!

Why you might not see the results you hope for

We know from years of working with businesses already using lead magnets, that they aren’t achieving their desired results due to one very common problem….

They’ve created a lead magnet that their audience needs, but not one that they want. We call this the ‘expertise cage’, or ‘curse of knowledge’. 

Other blockers to getting successful results:

  • Not understanding your audience and therefore creating an irrelevant lead magnet
  • Not enough traffic to the lead magnet, especially if your not purposefully driving it there
  • Using the wrong lead magnet for where a person is in the customer journey / awareness stage
  • You haven’t even used the damn lead magnet, you're not letting your audience know it exists!

What happens if you’re not seeing your desired results:

It rarely happens, but it happens.

We won’t leave you high and dry after delivering the lead magnet. Making sure it works and you are getting what you want and need from it is important to us. 

We’re basically like waiting staff at a restaurant, swinging by to check on things. Usually when your mouth is full… but this time it will be your funnel!

All our projects come with a ‘post mortem’ included in the cost; an observation period where we analyse the data and make suggested improvements to the lead magnet. We allocate a set time to do this after the lead magnet has gone live.

What’s required to make a project a success

The most important thing is teamwork, that’s us and you. Success will be down to what we both put in.

What we do:

We make s**t happen.

In the initial planning session we will validate your strategy to ensure we choose the right lead magnet from the get go. 

If you choose for us to write the copy, we collect the necessary information from you in order to do so. Allocating time to research, pull the draft copy together and then share with you. From your feedback we optimise the lead magnet copy and get designing! 

If however you choose to write it yourself, we provide the strategy for you to go away and do this. We’ll always feedback on your copy where appropriate so that you know you’re producing the very best content. Then we continue with the optimisation and lead magnet design.

What you do:

Your lead magnet needs to work for your business to thrive, so we cannot create it without you. 

In the lead magnet planning session, we will agree what the goal is, but then we plead you not to change your mind part way through when the work has already begun. If you do this then we need to revisit the timing and cost of the project.

Scope creep is bad for us and bad for you.

We ask that you provide the information and feedback we need to pull the copy together. This usually takes a couple of hours each, time well spent!

If you're doing the writing, the time you need to commit is down to you . We still give you structures to follow when you are writing to support getting the content together and provide the strategy for you to follow.

Finally, we want to make that ‘go live’ date so we really appreciate you sticking to deadlines.

Lead management is also an important consideration for you. 

It’s crucial that you assess whether you can handle an increase in leads. How disappointing would it be if you have lots of great leads in your sales funnel and you’re unable to do anything with them?! It’s a quality problem to have - but a problem nonetheless. 

Working with the ninjas means we can provide years of expertise, making sure you’ve got a lead magnet that sticks. 

Spending countless hours that you don’t have when your efforts are needed elsewhere isn’t necessary; we do the bulk for you!

Of course you can try to make it on your own, but we’ve got a tried and tested recipe and we’d LOVE to share it.

We think lead magnets are the bees knees when it comes to lead generation and they are a surefire way to provide great value to prospects.

And we know they are worth their weight in gold for your business.

So if your goal is to get supercalifragilisticexpialidocious leads in your ToFu, MoFu or BoFu - jump on this here bandwagon and let’s make the magic happen.

How many weird and wonderful words can you fit in one sentence?!

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