how infusionsoft help can go a long way

How Infusionsoft Help Can Go A Long Way – A Case Study

AUTHOR: Kenda Macdonald

As a dedicated consultant, I specialise in elevating businesses through top-tier consultancy, fueled by a deep understanding of buyer psychology cultivated over years of experience. My expertise lies in crafting marketing and sales strategies that propel businesses to new heights by leveraging insights into the buyer brain. As a bestselling author, public speaker, and strategist, my passion for decoding human behavior drives me to innovate and deliver unparalleled results. I've designed a methodology adaptable for all types of businesses, ensuring transformative customer journeys and experiences.

How Colour Graphics made over £100,000 in sales from traffic that was leaving their site

"What does the ROI on getting Infusionsoft® help from an Infusionsoft Software, Inc. Partner work out at?" This was the question I was asked on my first chat with James. It's always a question that makes me smile, because at £119 000 later - that return on investment is sitting at over 1000%.

But before we get into how James and I made that happen - let me introduce you to the hero of our story:

Colour Graphics

Run by father and son duo, Steve and James Birch, Colour Graphics are B2B printing specialists. They specialise in high quality banners and banner printing (amongst other awesome things) in the UK.

They have been in the printing industry for over 25 years, and have made it their mission to stay ahead of the game by not only embracing new technology, but by continually investing in the latest colour printing advancements at the same time.

Their niche is incredibly competitive, so to stay out of the price wars they focus on differentiating themselves through exceptional attention to detail, quality, experience and a forward focusing vision.

As a quick side note: Hearing this, was of course music to my ears. No one wants to have to drag a company kicking and screaming into the brave new world of marketing automation. You should always be as excited about what your business can achieve as your contractors and consultants are! If that's out of balance - in either direction - you're both going to have a bad time...

Being forward focused doesn't just mean within printing tech, it also meant James was keen to adapt to and advance with new marketing methods, to stay on the bleeding edge (pun intended of course).

That desire to consistently drive the company ahead is how James and the Ninjas came to meet.

James was looking for help with Infusionsoft

He wanted to make Infusionsoft® actually work for him.

He'd had the system for over a year, and it was plugged into Revenue Conduit. Revenue Conduit offer an amazing set of campaigns with their app. James was committed to getting them working - he just needed some help understanding what to put into them. The investment into Revenue Conduit meant he was serious about making it happen, he just needed a nudge or two in the right direction.

Or so James thought.

The more we spoke, the more problems were uncovered...

To start there were the following:

Firstly Colour Graphics needed more sales. The company was already profitable, and growing organically. James invested regularly into adwords, and had good ROI. But he knew he could get more growth, and faster.

Secondly, they needed to convert more online sales automatically. This tied in of course to their third issue; they needed to reduce their bounce rate from the site.

Fourth, nothing was happening after purchase. Customers bought, and then fell into the void. They got automatic notifications from Magento on their deliveries, and then sporadic newsletters. And that's it 🙁

Fifth, they were not even close to maximising the lifetime value from their customers and leads. Knowing you could get more value than you currently are doing, is a difficult and frustrating place for any business owner to be - and James was definitely frustrated...

Sixth, even though James is a super smart cookie, he was the only one working in and on Infusionsoft®. He knew he wasn't optimising the system - he needed help with getting some ROI from it. He'd had Infusionsoft® for well over a year and really not done much with it. Which is unfortunately far more common of a problem than people like to admit.

Digging deeper, we uncovered the final nail in the coffin:

Colour graphics weren't 100% clear on what drove their customers

Whether you've been in business for 5 months, or 25 years as Steve and James have, not having concrete understanding of their customer is a sure fire way to not be able to maximise their marketing efforts.

With all these issues in mind, what ONE thing would you do in order to:

  • Collect more leads
  • Increase lead conversion rates
  • Increase second sale conversion rates
  • Encourage third, fourth and fifth purchases

Yes - one thing.

Nailing that one thing is where we started:

Understanding the customer

If James was going to hit his goals, taking Colour Graphics from £1.2 million to £2 million, he needed to really understand his audience. He needed to be able to anticipate what they wanted, and how they wanted it. What they needed to hear, and what they cared about.

He needed to revolutionise the way they spoke to their customers in their marketing material.

While James was desperate to jump in and get started and make all the money right now!, we need to take a step back - and go back to the beginning to set the foundations properly.

So we took James back to basics.

We embarked on a journey to get 100% clarity on the Colour Graphics Target audience. Not just generic demographics, a few problems and objections thrown in.

No - we needed deep understanding to make this work. We needed to get down to the core of who his audience is - down to their psychographics.

James was of course a trooper - he threw himself into it with enthusiasm and dedicated his time to completing our Ninja Avatar course.

Throughout the process I critiqued and guided him (all the benefits of being an Elite client) to make sure we could squeeze everything we could out of his knowledge of the industry.

The output was phenomenal. At it's completion, we had all the information needed to effectively build ongoing relationships with the colour graphics audience.

Finally James had the clarity to answer:

  • What gets their attention?
  • What exactly are they looking for?
  • How should we be talking to them?
  • What would the be interested in?
  • What should their journey and funnels look like?
  • What content should should we be providing?
  • What do we need to do to keep them engaged?
  • How do we keep them buying more for longer?

The next hurdle suddenly became apparent - now we needed to USE the information. And we needed to use it strategically.

This is when we hit the strategy hard. We put James' plans through our internal methodology, critiqued and assessed his strategy and then planned out the Colour Graphics Lifecycle Marketing Strategy, making sure to account for the full:

Attract - Engage - Sell - Wow

The benefits of a clear Lifecycle Marketing Strategy

That's where the fun really began.

With the information provided from the Avatar course, and the Life Cycle Marketing plan, we had the clarity needed to see where we needed to start, and how to fill the gaps.

Because the market was so price sensitive, we needed to retain attention for long enough so that we could then show them exactly WHY colour graphics was a little more expensive.

Our starting point was reducing the traffic leaving the site, and enticing them into a new lead nurture and conversion campaign. By capturing bouncing contacts we could take them to a less crowded space (to the inbox) and provide the nurture that would educate them on who Colour Graphics really are.

The focus was all using the understanding of the customer to capture their attention, and then welcome and support them.

Previous attempts at capturing opt-ins had failed, so we changed tack a little. Colour Graphics was the clear choice when it came to quality - but price sensitivity meant that prospects weren't getting the opportunity to experience the quality before they went to a cheaper site.

So we exploited the price sensitivity.

When new visitors went to exit the Colour Graphics site, we displayed a pop up that offered NEW customers a 10% coupon code. This captured their attention. In exchange for First Name and Email, they could have 10% off of their first order.

Once they signed up for the coupon, they were added into the new lead campaign.

Using the avatar information we focused on building a relationship with the new lead. James focused on showing prospects they are more than "just a printing company", why they were so different, and exactly why their quality of product was so good.

He gave them a reason to believe.

But we weren't done yet

Once the New Lead Campaign was in place, we focused on a second campaign - one for after they purchased.

We wanted to make sure that the didn't fall into the void after purchase.

So we followed the same principle. Nurturing and welcoming the new customers. Teaching and educating them about the processes their new products were going through while they waited for them to arrive. Asking for feedback when they got there, and of course, nurturing them through providing information after they receive their product, all the way through to suggesting what they should purchase next.

The results of these two simple campaigns were amazing. But before we get into that, let's be honest here.

Warts and all...

Was it easy? No.

Success is never easy.

It took 4 months to get the first campaign up and running. There was content to create, graphics to design, avatar information to produce and strategy to iron out.

Then it was another 2 months to get the second campaign completed to our incredibly high standards. We forewarned him how long it would take, but every business owner thinks they can make it happen faster 🙂

James worked hard at it. He had his doubts about why he needed to go so in depth into the the process. But he knew what we did got phenomenal results, so he did what he needed to do and what we asked him to (even when he wasn't 100% sure).

He trusted the process.

And he has NOT been disappointed.

By always focusing on the customer: their experience, and their journey, James received an additional £119k in revenue.

Want to know how you can up your own revenue?

Let's break that down

In the first campaign, a pop up catches bounces as leaving.

Campaign then nurtures them by educating about who colour graphics are (using the avatar info), and reminds them to use their coupon code before it expires.

--> Average conversion rate = 53%

Then the new customers go into a customer welcome campaign which pushes to get another sale.

--> Average conversion rate = 20%

Further to that, using RFM (Recency, Frequency and Monetary) segmentation, customers over a certain threshold receive a personal thank you from James for loyalty.

--> Average conversion rate = 48%

These are averages. This happens ALL THE TIME - the campaigns are automated, and just tick over.

These three campaigns and an overall improvement in marketing messaging, took Colour Graphics from £1.2 million to £2 million. James hit his targets 🙂

What consistently amazes me is that the two campaigns that were targeted at grabbing the attention of people leaving the site brought in an additional £119k.

All from understanding customers - what they want and why. And providing it to them.

Achieved through nurturing them throughout the process and educating them at the same time.

Then thanking them.

All components of Lifecycle Marketing: Attract - Engage - Sell - Wow

In Summary...

James now really gets his customers. And he's helped us understand his customers - through that, we've been able to build his Life Cycle Funnel together. So to answer James' question on "What does the ROI on getting Infusionsoft® help from an Infusionsoft Partner work out at?": pretty good if you ask me.

Are we stopping?

Of course not.

We've got more gaps to fill, more untapped potential, more campaigns to build, and of course, more ROI to achieve.

Success is a continual journey of improvement - and it's one James is in for the long haul.

If you'd like help with your Life Cycle Marketing Strategy, your customer Avatars, or your Infusionsoft® application - hit the button below and let us know! We'd love to help make you as much of a success as James is.