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Author: Ashton Oldham

Hey there, I'm Ashton, the Content Ninja with a penchant for creativity! I'm all about crafting killer customer-focused content and sprinkling it with that special sauce that makes brands pop. Teaching, strategising, organising (people and projects), and spicing up collaborations? That's my jam!

Hi there! We are Automation Ninjas, a marketing consultancy with a difference.

Wait… what does that even mean?! Don’t worry; this isn’t one of those tacky sales pitches. All this blog will offer is an insight into what we offer and why we do it that way. 

If all of that becomes music to your ears, and you fancy working with us, then, by all means, you can get in touch. (We’ll give you some gentle directions at the end for this.)

So, let’s stop beating around the bush and get straight to it!

We are a Marketing Consultancy +

At our heart, we are marketing consultants; we teach, guide and help businesses develop internally. But, we Ninjas like to offer a little extra. Alongside helping businesses understand what they need to do and why, setting them up with smashing strategies for success, we also support content creation and campaign implementation

We are lucky to have an experienced and expert team in content strategy, copywriting, and campaign implementation. This can be a godsend for some companies who don’t have the time or capabilities to get things done in-house.

So, aside from this, what sets us apart from other consultancies offering similar approaches?

With her background in psychology, our CEO, Kenda, has developed a keen understanding of the buyer's brain. By imparting her wisdom to the rest of us Ninjas, we are all clear on the processes that take place when people make purchase decisions. And we know what needs to be done to get them to that point. 

Thanks to this knowledge, we have designed a customer journey framework that fits into any and every business. And having an effective customer journey is a must!!

Why the Customer Journey is the Foundation of What we do & How

Our marketing consultancy works around getting businesses to deliver incredible customer journeys. From lead generation all the way to customer retention. 

We’ve even designed a base model, or framework, that every B2B, B2C, B2G, or eCommerce organisation can utilise to enhance their overall marketing strategy. When we work with our clients, we take that model and adapt it, building it out in full and unveiling a journey bespoke to that business and customer base. 

From this point, it becomes incredibly clear what a business is getting right and wrong. We can identify the areas that need the most attention and therefore create a plan of attack.

Not sure what a customer journey is? You definitely have one, even if it isn’t mapped out and even if it’s not that great. Learn more about Customer Journey Mapping.

What Makes our Customer Journey so Effective? 

Two Words: Content Nurture

You could say we are a content marketing consultancy. In the sense that we put content, specifically nurture, at the core of every strategy. And for good reason. 

Content will always be produced by businesses as a way to attract, engage, sell and retain customers. It provides a platform to communicate about what matters to them. It builds trusting relationships; keeps them interested in a brand, specific products and services; answers their neverending questions; and educates them on their problems and the solutions they need. 

Content is powerful.

But content marketing only truly succeeds when it focuses on customer needs, not business goals.

That’s why we push hard on nurture. Nurturing potential and current customers is crucial to building a healthy sales pipeline and retention. 

So, how do we plan to deliver this almighty nurture to everyone that needs it?

We focus our strategy on the customer lifecycle.

How Lifecycle Marketing Supports the Entire Customer Journey

Our marketing consultancy lives for lifecycle marketing. We split the lifecycle into four pillars, and it’s these pillars that support the entire customer journey.

Marketing Automation Strategy - Customer Lifecycle


When it comes to lead generation, you need to understand your audience. What do they want? What do they need? What questions do they have, or what answers are they searching for? Then, you use that information to draw them in - attract them to your business.


Once you have a lead, you need to engage them and keep them interested in your business. You must keep communicating with them and giving them the right information at the right time. Engage is about nurturing your leads through the customer journey and thereafter.


Achieving a great conversion rate comes with knowing your lead is ready to buy, tracking their behaviour and initiating the sell when the time is right. Offering the best options for their needs and pushing on the benefits to the consumer over the features of your solution.


The work of your Marketing team doesn’t stop at sell. You need to wow your customers with an incredible experience from the moment they convert. Do this well, and you will increase ROI & CLV, which is crucial for any business. Keep them engaged and coming back for more!

Head over to this blog to learn more about Lifecycle marketing.

Each stage of the lifecycle requires a slightly different approach to content. All of them contain nurture, but the language alters slightly, as does the goal of the content. For example, the Sell stage will push on sales more than anywhere else, and we only do this when we know a lead is ready for it. Their behaviour, which we track and segment for, tells us when the time is right.

Why Buyer Psychology makes our Marketing Consultancy Different

Many consultancies focus on bringing the newest tactics into play when working with clients. But at Automation Ninjas, we turn our efforts to what has been proven to work wonders for many businesses. 

That’s partly why we put a huge emphasis on buyer psychology. It’s also because our CEO has a background in psychology, and that deep understanding and expertise, alongside her experience in the marketing realm, fired up the basis for what we do best.

We market for the buyer brain!

Our goal is to help businesses understand how people make purchase decisions and how that affects marketing and automation strategies. As a lead, or customer, engages with your content via your website, email campaigns, social media etc., they are exhibiting specific behaviour.

And, by tracking and interpreting this behaviour, we can learn so freaking much about them.

Behavioural marketing automation is such a powerful tool for any marketing strategy and takes a lot of attention and expertise to get it right. But that’s what we are here for! We’ve got the expertise, and we are ready to instil it into other businesses.

There’s myriad research available to back up why we do what we do in the way we do it. However, I’m not going to send you off into the land of scientific journals! We do have some other blogs that dip into the buyer brain, which are probably more the type of content you will like consuming at this point in time. 

Oh, and I should mention that Kenda, has written a bestselling book. If you want to learn and even get some actions to help you implement buyer psychology in your strategy, this has everything you need!

HTBB Buy the Book

What Services Does our Marketing Consultancy Provide?

Right, shall we get down to the nitty-gritty? As I’ve made pretty clear, we are a consultancy - but we do provide a little extra expertise to ensure our clients get the best from the strategies we create. 

How do we go about doing this? 

DWY - We do it with you in our MAD Project or a one-off Project.

For those of you who want expert one-to-one support, we’ve got an array of projects that will give you exactly that. Our core project is MAD (Marketing Automation Domination) - it’s a 6-month intense project that gets your marketing strategy and customer journey into great shape. 

We focus first on designing your bespoke customer journey, then we take you through the foundational content and automation you need to deliver that journey. Content-wise, we generally produce an awareness journey, content (blogs & lead magnets) plan, a welcome campaign, two lead magnets and two follow up nurture campaigns, a sales campaign, and a behavioural intent plan. 

It’s a lot of work, which is why we need six months to complete it. There are also a few different levels of MAD you can choose from. These are Consultancy, Consultancy & Content, or Consultancy & Content + Implementation - you can learn more about what's included in each on our MAD page.

One-off projects hone in on a specific part of the MAD Project. If a lower budget is a factor, or you just want to take things step-by-step, this option may be for you. 

However, if you are unable to provide us with a customer journey, we would always recommend taking up this project first. It’s really difficult to make a success of the other projects without a clear and strategic customer journey in place. We want to help make your business more successful - we aren’t about taking your money if we don’t think something will work for you!

What our Marketing Consultancy Doesn’t Do…

Your expectations, if you consider working with us, should be crystal clear. So, let me briefly touch upon what we don’t provide. 

  • High-level SEO - Our focus is on behavioural SEO for content creation, so we won’t provide detailed SEO reports and recommendations across your entire marketing strategy. 

  • Social Media - We’ve decided not to expand our consultancy into the social realm. There are countless agencies out there that focus on this, and do an incredible job at it. We are happy to work with them, but we won’t guide you or create your social posts.

  • Branding - Automation Ninjas isn’t a brand consultancy. We hope that you come to us with a clear understanding of your brand and our job is to ensure your brand message gets out to your market.

  • Website Design - Nope, we won’t build you a shiny website or write your web copy for you. There are some things within web content that we will guide you on - such as specific landing pages, lead generation and blogs - but that’s where our website contribution ends. 

  • Graphic Design - Now, this is where it gets a little murky. We don’t offer design work on its own, but we do when it comes to creating content - lead magnets, campaign images, etc. Plus, we have design templates that members of our Academy can access, as well as project clients. 

Want to Learn More About Automation Ninjas?

If you like the sound of working with us, we’d love to hear from you. Even if you have more questions or you just want to speak to us to figure out if what we offer, is what you need. 

You can get in touch to book a call or email us with your query. Visit our Contact page for details.

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