How To Build A Non Disclosure Agreement Campaign

How to build a Non Disclosure Agreement campaign

Why do you need a non disclosure agreement campaign? Imagine you’ve created all your lovely online content, and are ready to release it to your faithful customers. But what is stopping those customers from sharing your amazing content with the rest of the world?

You’ve worked damned hard, and put all of your hard earned expertise into creating this for them, so why would you want it to be passed onto every Tom, Dick or Harry for free?

That’s where this simple Non Disclosure Agreement campaign comes into play.

You may not have even thought about this before, but it’s a sure fire way to protect you and your content.

If you use Infusionsoft or Keap, then here’s an example of how to build a simple, yet effective NDA campaign.

Of course, before you can set this up, you will need to already have a copy of your Non Disclosure Agreement.

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What a non-disclosure campaign looks like in Infusionsoft or Keap...

1. Once your customer has purchased your membership/online course, instead of giving them access to the course straight away, send them into an email sequence containing an initial email asking them to sign your NDA, followed by a reminder email or two

2. Make sure you put a tag on the download, which can then be satisfied by the proceeding tag goal to stop them from getting the reminder emails

3. Once that tag has been satisfied, you will have to check if the NDA has been signed and sent back to you, so set up a task for yourself, or one of your team to check this.

4. Then follow this sequence with a task completed goal.

When you are sure the NDA has been signed, you can mark that task as completed and your customer will then move along into the last sequence, which will apply a tag to say they have signed the NDA, and you can then deliver them their content, safe in the knowledge it’s for their eyes only 🙂

5. But what if your customers receive the initial NDA email, and the reminder emails, but still fail to download it?

Then It’s time to make contact with them, and ask them if there’s a reason they haven’t downloaded and signed it.This can be done by adding a sequence containing a task for you to contact them.

Generally, we’d tend to wait around 3 or 4 days before contacting them. It may be something they are intending to do, but just haven’t got around to it yet, so best not to jump down their throat straight away 🙂

Setting up simple, specialist campaigns like this non disclosure agreement campaign isn’t hard in Keap or Infusionsoft by Keap - but it can save you a whole lot of heartache down the line. While a client of ours asked us to set up this campaign specifically, there is no reason you couldn’t use a similar flow to deliver contracts for services, terms and conditions or any other documentation or compliancy post purchase. 

If you’re wanting to set up some of your own campaigns, but need a little helping hand, why not get in touch.

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