Set up a product & order form

Set up a product and order form to give away a freebie

Do you ever want to reward your loyal customers by giving them something for free as an incentive to purchase one of your products or services? How do you go about setting up a product and order form?

If you’ve never given anything away for free. Here are a few reasons it may be a good idea:

  • It creates a buzz! It doesn’t take long for news to travel fast, and if you’re giving away something for free then it’s more than likely this will get around to your audience quickly. People like free stuff and will always want to spread the good news with their friends.
  • It will encourage people to try your products/services risk free. People are far more likely to try something if they don’t have to pay for it
  • It will get more customers visiting your site, and will then often lead to more sales.
  • Everyone loves a freebie!

If you’ve decided you would like to try this approach, and need some help setting the product up in your Infusionsoft app, then the step by step guide below will show you exactly how.

Many of you reading this will already know how to do this in Infusionsoft, but if you don’t know, you don’t know.

It was only recently a client wanted me to implement this for them, and it was only then I realised I didn’t know how to, and I’ve been using Infusionsoft for over six years!

So, if this is second nature to you and you don’t need any help with it, then as you were 🙂

But, if like myself you need a helping hand, a nudge in the right direction, or just a reminder of how to implement this, then just follow the steps below. 

How to set up a product and order form for freebies

You will need to have your products and order forms already set up in Infusionsoft.

For this example, I’m giving away a free copy of the Ninja Book, with every Lead Magnet Webinar purchase.

Firstly, you’ll need to set up a product specific discount. Just click on promotions under the E-Commerce tab.

Hit the add new dropdown and select Product Specific Discount

Name your promotion and add in a description.

In the product box, select the product you are giving away, and in the Amount box, input the price of the product you are giving away.

Hit save.

Next you need to set your criteria. Hit the drop down and select Product/Qty criteria

You’ll need to add both products here - the one being purchased and the freebie. These will need to be added separately, so choose one, click save and then choose the other. 

You now have your criteria set - hit save

Now you've got your product, set up your order form

Next you’ll need to create your order form. You will need to add both products to your order form. Once you have added both products, hit save

Hit the preview tab, and there you have it!

Of course, you’ll want to make a test purchase to double check everything is set up correctly, but as long as you’ve followed the steps above then all should be good. 

All that is left now is to connect to your purchase automation for both products.

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