The Epic Marketing Show – Behavioural Marketing Automation

This week's episode of the epically named Epic Marketing Show looks at behavioural marketing automation. Or Epic Marketing as we like to call it.

Because it's epic...

Unless you've been in a cave and/or living under a rock, buying behaviour has changed. A lot. In all seriousness, if you haven't noticed then I just feel bad for you.

Prospects - be they a business or a person in a shop - don't want the hard sell. Mainly because it's not 1992. But we're also the most informed we've ever been.

We carry around pockets sized computers that are literally millions of times faster than the computers NASA used in the 1960s. Millions of times faster.

We can find literally anything we want or want to learn about in a few taps. That means we can do our Christmas shopping while waiting for our skinny frappy monkey-chino in Costa. Can you tell I drink tea?

That means we can also read blogs, learn about a business, download a whitepaper or do some online training from more or less anywhere in the world.

Behavioural Marketing Automation: The herald of change

Prospects and clients don't want the hard sell because they don't need it.

What all of us need is for businesses to take a hold of themselves and start thinking with their clients and prospects in mind. Businesses should be working to understand why their customers do what they do. Why they are searching for a solution.

Then use behavioural marketing automation to provide them with the answers they're searching for.

If you as a business can tap into the desires, intents and motivations of your audience then you can build intelligent behavioural marketing automation that delivers that answers all those questions.

It allows you to build trust and establish your business as an organisation of super helpful experts. No hard sell, no motorway miles and no tedious meetings. Just lots of value add content and lots of happy customers.

Behavioural marketing automation in a nutshell.

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