Is infusionsoft right for me_ Part 3

What is Infusionsoft – Part Three: Use Cases for Infusionsoft

Welcome to part three in the "What is Infusionsoft®" series, we're looking at Infusionsoft use cases. So far we've covered what Infusionsoft® is in Part One, what Infusionsoft® isn't in Part Two.

From years of using Infusionsoft® for our own business, as well as helping hundreds of small businesses succeed with their Infusionsoft® applications, I know that reading all the features about a product, and the benefits of what it can provide you can only inform you so much... Sometimes you just need a few use cases of what it actually can do. Something practical and relatable...

To help with that I've collated some of the top use cases for Infusionsoft® below. I've kept them purposely broad, as these are solutions that nearly every business will need at some point in their life.

If you want to know exactly what Infusionsoft® can help you do, here are a few solutions to common business problems:

Infusionsoft Use to Save Time and Money and Increase Productivity

How many hours do you spend on repeated tasks?

Things like, copy and pasting emails, sending invoices, trying to keep on top of keeping in touch with your customers and leads, keeping on top of tasks and sifting through spreadsheets?

It's a worthy exercise counting up the time. You'll find that there are precious hours wasted monthly, weekly and daily on workload that could be automated. Once you have that number you can ask yourself: "What would I do with that time?", "What would my business gain by getting that time back?", "How would both my work and my personal life improve knowing that it was all being organised in the background?"

I've heard everything from, "Start another business", to "Save my marriage." in answer to that those questions! And I know for myself, that handing off some of my admin gave me the time to create content... If you're a fellow content creator, you know it's a massive time sink - so the savings are huge.

You can use Infusionsoft® to automate your workflow and lighten your workload. 

It's not about replacing jobs with automation, it's about creating repeatable outcomes and systematising your processes so that you can work on the things that really matter in your business. The things that are going to move the business ahead. 

Let the system do the heavy lifting for you, whether it's admin or building relationships with the people who are the most interested in doing business with you. And of course let it help keep those relationships in the best condition possible - automatically. 

Here are a few simple ways of doing this: 

  • Workflow and task automation
  • Automatic invoicing
  • Automatic reporting
  • Nurture and Engagement Campaigns

Increase productivity through automation, spend less time frustrated and overwhelmed, and more time on what's important. 

Capture More Leads

This one is huge: Leverage your traffic.

  • People are interested in what you do. Traffic comes in all sorts:
  • They may be looking for information
  • They're interested, but may simply not be ready to buy
  • They may be wary of being badgered by a sales person
  • Or they may not know *exactly* what they want just yet

This mix mash of traffic that lands on your pages isn't all sales worthy. They have unique needs that need to be treated... well... uniquely. 

With Infusionsoft's landing pages, webforms, wordpress plugins, and myriads of integrations, you can capture your traffic's attention, and invite them to sign up for information that is relevant to them.

Their information is then saved straight into your CRM, where you can continue the conversation in a more personal way - with relevancy to where they are in their journey.

Build campaigns and behavioural automation to filter, educate, nurture and engage your contacts and leads so that you get the right message to the right person, at the right time - automatically.

No more lost opportunities. Just the system taking your visitors from anonymous traffic, to lead, to customer. Bespoke for your unique business.

Automate and Improve with Infusionsoft Use Cases

The art of continual improvement is one of the most underrated skills in business.

Use Infusionsoft's behaviour based CRM to segment and automate follow-up, sales and nurture for your audience based on activity like clicks, opens, purchases, payment history and others, plus best in class "if this, then that" functionality. This isn't simply demographic segmentation, this is behavioural awesomeness.

All allowing you to send personalised and relevant messaging and content. No more individual messages and spreadsheets to manage crucial personalisation details.

This means higher engagement, better customers, higher ROI, and less time wasted.

Automate workflow, automate follow up, automate sales, automate lead gen, automate nurture and engagement, automate fulfilment, automate referrals, automate affiliates.   

Then use the data from your campaigns to continually improve your efficiency. Marketing nirvana.

Use Infusionsoft to Convert Contacts into Customers

Getting more leads is only one part of the problem - converting them is the next part.

You may have strong traffic, or a large list of contacts, but they're not converting. Not buying. And that means less money in the bank. 

Perhaps you have too many leads, and you can't keep up with the follow up.

Sending an email or two, and leaving a few voicemails simply doesn't cut it anymore. 

Most people need to be contacted several times before they're ready to purchase, and if they're anything as busy as you are - they're going to need to engage with you and your content in their spare time, or on the go. 

Use Infusionsoft behaviour based follow up to focus on the leads that are the most engaged, and continue to nurture the ones who aren't ready. So you're always connecting with the people who are ready to buy. 

No more mass email blasts - instead segment on engagement and behaviour for more effective conversion.

Customise your sales processes with personalised emails, and send different versions of the funnel to prospects and leads based on their behavioural activity like clicks, opens, purchases, payment history etc.

Know who your engaged and unengaged leads are - so you're never wasting time on people who simply aren't ready or interested. That makes for quicker sales cycles, better conversion rates and happier customers. 

Conversion augmentation for the win.

Grow your Business Faster - Scaling to Win

If your business is growing - you need to keep up. It's easy to keep in touch with all your leads and customers when you're small, but as you grow it becomes harder. Things start falling through the cracks, and the wheels eventually come off.

You can't keep in touch personally - but you also don't want to blast information to your hard earned leads. You never want it to feel robotic and automated, you want to keep the real relationships alive. 

Infusionsoft use can help you grow faster while growing smarter.

See all your contact information in one place, track engagement and behaviour, schedule tasks and appointments, automate work flow and follow up, and keep on top of admin. 

Reduce human error and leverage human relationships - so you can run your business efficiently.

Use Infusionsoft to Master the Art of Ecommerce

If you're selling and/or fulfilling products, you know that having an online storefront is just the start. Customers are demanding a much more seamless approach to purchase and fulfilment. They want their journey to be informed from start to finish. 

Help give your customers the experience they want. Use Infusionsoft® to automate your sales, purchase, and post purchase automation.

Keep customers happy and more likely to buy again with automated campaigns that sell, capture cart abandons, deliver, automate fulfilment, upsell, cross sell and down sell, and then of course collect testimonials and referrals. 

Because Ecommerce is fully integrated with the CRM and Marketing automation, you can send offers and promotions based on purchase behaviour, and avoid the embarrassment of selling something some one has already bought...

Automatically send invoices, collect payments and set up subscriptions. 

If your sales are a manual process you can input purchase orders, create payment plans, send quotes and add contacts into follow up at the click of a button. 

And let's not forget the integrations - if you have 1000's of products, integrate with your Ecommerce provider for best in class marketing automation and behavioural segmentation.

Manage the Sales Process - Sales Pipeline Automation

Knowing exactly which leads to call and when can be hit and miss, even for the best sales people. And keeping on top of your last conversations, close dates, personalisation details, and projections can lead to spreadsheet hell at best, and a paper catastrophe at worst. Never mind remembering when to call leads, and what follow up you should be sending out to them... 

And of course, if you're a business owner, you know it's no good badgering your team for info.. But you need to have a high level overview of your pipeline. You need to project revenues and keep tabs of team productivity. Let's not even get into the myriad of systems/ spreadsheets you're using to track it all...

Infusionsoft® allows you to store all this and more. Keep your interactions, tasks, appointments and next actions all in one place. Naturally it's integrated with the CRM so you will always have a 360 degree overview of all the sales and marketing activities for your contacts. 

Fully customise your sales pipeline to your unique sales process. The sales pipeline in Infusionsoft® has been designed to give every business the flexibility to automatically distribute leads (on your own criteria), score your prospects based on their behaviour and engagement (again on your own criteria), track deals as they move through the pipeline, forecast sales, and leverage the best in class marketing automation for follow up. 

Because you have control over your own pipeline, you can decide how much you want the system to do in terms of automated follow up - letting your team get on with what they are best at - selling. 

Always know which leads to call and when, never look for details for a contact ever again - and get on with building long lasting customer relationships.

The sales pipeline will help systematise and structure your sales process for more predictable conversions, with less effort, in less time.

Create a Marketing Strategy that works - Life Cycle Marketing

Crafting a customer journey can be a daunting task. It can look like a mammoth process, and adding it into a new system can feel totally overwhelming. 

How do you know you've covered all your bases? Have you missed steps out? How do you improve what you already have? How do you get started?

These are all questions I get asked frequently! 

Enter Life Cycle Marketing. 

Life Cycle Marketing was designed by the team at Infusionsoft® to help businesses create clear, comprehensive step-by-step customer journeys.

It's designed to focus on customer life time value. Helping you make sure you have a framework in place for every step of the journey, so you can focus on growing your business, knowing the system is handling targeted communication, smarter lead management and maximised conversions.

Life Cycle Marketing has been 10 years in the making, and you can check out our post on this proven framework.

What to do next

By now you should have a good overview of what Infusionsoft® is capable of, and how you could be using it in your own business. If you haven't already done so, make sure you've check out Part One here and Part Two here.

With these posts under your belt - if you're interested in Infusionsoft® and this sounds like a system that could enhance your business - let's chat. Hit the button below and lets see if Infusionsoft® is right for your business. With over 6 years of helping small businesses succeed with Infusionsoft®, we'd love to help you make the right choice for your business.

But if you're confused or if you have any questions at all, you can hit the questions button at any time and we'll get some clarity and some answers. We have loads of resources we can send you to if you don't want to talk (we get it, sales can feel yucky - we won't ever make you feel yucky).

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