Using Neuroscience to Increase MQL to SQL Conversions

It's time to fuel your Sales Pipeline with strategic marketing automation

Do you want to get better at converting marketing qualified leads into sales qualified leads?

The Ultimate MQL to SQL Conversions On-Demand Webinar awaits - here's why you need to watch it...

The journey your leads go on, from MQL to SQL isn't always easy. Usually, they have to navigate a tricky maze - not just a straight shot from A to B.

Some leads will naturally find their way, progressing at their own pace until they emerge from the maze as sales-ready prospects, ready for your team to engage with.

But many will get lost, frustrated, and potentially give up.

By offering expert guidance, unwavering support, and timely intervention, you have the power to ensure these valuable leads never lose their way or abandon their path towards becoming promising sales opportunities.

Get access to a FREE on-demand webinar, where our Neuroscience & Automation expert, Kenda Macdonald, will teach you how to apply behavioural marketing automation to enhance your MQL to SQL conversions strategy.

She'll show you how to combine behavioural intent, strategic content, and marketing automation to revolutionise your lead nurture and conversion process.

You’ll learn how the brain makes a purchase decision, and how to adapt your own marketing strategy to propel newfound success!

What will you learn?

  • When MQLs become SQLs and how to get leads to that point
  • How the purchase formula plays a key part in successful conversion
  • Why creating content for awareness is crucial for the customer journey
  • How to recognise and use sales intent behaviour in your marketing
  • The power of behavioural segmentation and progressive profiling
  • What it takes to fuel your flywheel & what that even means!

Discover how to nurture your leads and turn them
into hot & highly-qualified prospects, primed for
contextual sales conversations.

Kenda Macdonald

CEO of Automation Ninjas

"I’m going to make the neuroscience part easy to understand, and better yet, simple to action. After all, I want you to go away from the webinar raring to implement strategies for success. You’ll soon be laying out a shiny red carpet through your maze for leads to follow and convert!"

How long is it?

Approx 40 mins, so make sure you've set some time aside to focus and absorb all the valuable information.

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Kenda is a world-renowned speaker, delivering entertaining and thought-provoking keynotes and talks globally.

She teaches businesses to understand the consumer brain, craft clever content marketing with seamless automation.

Did we mention she's also a bestselling author? Her book Hack The Buyer Brain is a one-stop shop for strategic success!