Cart Abandonment Campaign in Infusionsoft

I am definitely guilty of cart abandonment and I know you are too! 

Do you ever cruise an online shop and pop things in your cart only to abandon it because you have an appointment, have to get to work, have to hang the laundry up, have to stop your child from playing football in the house, have to wash your get the idea.

There is a huge amount of people, like you and me, doing exactly the same thing. Online shopping with intent only to leave before committing. 

If you’re an eCommerce business, you are losing out on a high number of possible sales. What you need is a cart abandoned campaign...

What is a Cart abandonment Campaign/Sequence

A cart abandoned campaign/sequence is a way of following up with a prospect.

The prospects that click a link to purchase one of your products, but then don’t actually go on to commit to the purchase. 

This could happen for many reasons, but whatever the reason, you’ll want them to remind them to invest in your product or solution.

According to Statista, the global online shopping cart abandonment rate from 2006-2019, averaged at 69.57%! 

That is not a figure to be ignored! 

This is where the cart abandoned sequence comes into play.

How do I set up a cart abandonment campaign?

We can set this up using the link clicked goal, to trigger an email, simply reminding your customers of what they’re missing out on, if they don’t go on to complete their purchase.

Here’s an overview of how this can be set up within Infusionsoft, then I’ll break it down sequence by sequence, and show you the best practices used by us Ninjas.

SQ1 - This is where your initial sales emails should go, plus our best practice is to also put some reporting tags in here. We use ACTIVE and HISTORICAL tags, and put them in a CAMPAIGN Reporting Category.

The ACTIVE tag will get removed once a contact has either gone all the way through a campaign, or has come to a point in the campaign where they can’t go any further.

These tags are always handy when you want to search for contacts who are active in certain campaigns.

The HISTORICAL tags will always stay on the contact record, so you can always search for which campaigns your contacts have been in.

Here’s a visual overview of SQ1, and what is happening in there

ACTIVE and HISTORICAL tags are applied

Sales  emails are  sent out. These will be a 3 or 4 email series where you are demonstrating the benefits to your prospects and highlighting why they need this solution in their lives.

We tend to wait three days in between our sales emails, but that’s down to your own personal preference, and what your audience responds well to. 

After the third email has been sent, it’s probably pretty clear if they haven’t bought your product, or even clicked through to your order form page yet, then it’s unlikely they’re going to make a purchase.

This is when we remove the active tag, although we put a week delay timer before removing the tag, just in case they decide to re open any of the emails and do click through to your order page.

The link clicked goal is satisfied when a contact clicks through to your order form, but doesn’t complete their purchase.

This goal will pull them out of SQ1 and put them straight into SQ2, which will contain your Cart Abandoned Emails.

This is pretty much the same process as SQ1, but your cart abandoned emails will go in here, rather than your initial sales emails

Cart abandonment emails should be persuasive but not pushy. You want to remind your prospect of why they wanted your solution in the first place. This is a really great opportunity to add in an offer such as 10% off on their next order. 

Remember the intention was there, they clicked to buy - you just need to nudge them over the finish line. 

Again, if after the third email, they haven’t completed their purchase, then we wait a week and then remove the ACTIVE tag.

If all has gone to plan, and your prospects have completed their purchase, then provided you’ve configured your Purchase Goal correctly, then this goal will pull them out either SQ1 or SQ2 - depending on which email they made the purchase from, making sure no more Sales or Cart Abandoned emails will be sent.

Finally, after a successful purchase, your contacts will flow into SQ3, which is at the final point where the ACTIVE tag will be removed

There we have it! A simple yet effective campaign, which could capture potential sales which would have been missed without putting your Cart Abandoned emails in place

We helped a client reach his goal using a cart abandoned campaign. They were losing prospects on the pain point of cost so he offered a coupon in his cart abandonment series and it was so successful that he hit his targets for that year. You can read the full case study here.

Even if you don’t have Infusionsoft, the methodology remains the same: catch your prospects interest before it wanes and convert them. The cart abandoned campaign will do this for you.

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