What is Marketing Automation Domination?

MAD is our flagship, all encompassing 6 month service for designing and implementing your perfect customer journey. It’s all about giving you the best competitive advantage with a supreme behavioural journey.

In MAD we combine behaviour planning, marketing automation and content strategy to create a bespoke customer journey for your business. Each journey is designed for your unique business needs to:

  • Land more high quality leads
  • Increase customer conversions
  • Improve the MQL to SQL transition
  • Get better campaign engagement
  • Reduce the cost of marketing services
  • Increase customer loyalty and retention

Whether you’re just getting started and need a plan on what to do and where to begin, or you’re an advanced journey ninja and are looking to level up with progressive profiling and engagement triggers – MAD allows us to tailor your journey to your needs.

The project was well structured and the combination of direct, personal support via calls with the team supplemented by detailed training materials helped make the whole process feel effortless... 

Our overall marketing strategy feels a lot clearer and cohesive, and we’re in a far stronger position to cater to the broader customer awareness journey, rather than the very narrow part of the process we were previously focused on.

If you’re feeling a bit stuck or stagnant in your marketing, then the clarity alone that comes from working with Automation Ninjas is worth engaging in this process.

Mike Morrison

Co-Owner, Membership Geeks

What Could MAD Look like for you?

  • Review and analysis of your current customer journey
  • New bespoke customer journey roadmap and strategy
  • Audits, critiquing and feedback of content you create
  • A data driven, SEO-rich, behavioural content plan
  • Guidance on best practices and our proven methodology
  • Access to our templates, including campaigns & lead magnets
  • Flowcharts and documentation for every campaign we create
  • Data analysis, interpretation and reporting strategies
  • Content creation, campaign and lead magnet design (where applicable)
  • Customer lifetime value analysis and optimisation (where applicable)
  • Automation set up, implementation and training (where applicable)

Over 6 months we will design and craft your ideal customer journey. You will leave with a minimum of four strategic campaigns, two lead magnets and clarity as to where to go next.

You will understand your consumers needs, what to provide to get opt-in and conversion and what they need to stay engaged. MAD is your all encompassing marketing automation service.

Marketing Automation Domination
Comes in 3 Levels

All Levels Include:

Customer Journey Planning

Awareness Journey Planning

Behavioural Content Plan

Strategy, Flowcharts and Documentation

Access to our Templates and Structure Archive

Bi-weekly Calls & Strategic Consultancy

The Three MAD Levels:

MAD Consultancy

This is primarily consultancy-based. We teach you the strategy (why & how), and provide you with pre-designed, in-depth templates, expert feedback and lots of guidance. You will create your own content and implement your campaigns, but all with our hands-on support.

MAD Plus

Alongside consultancy, you have the option to choose content creation & design, or campaign implementation as an extra. You will still contribute - your vital input is always required - but we can manage the things that take a little more time or expertise.

MAD Fully Loaded

This is where we do the bulk of the work for you. We still have our regular consultancy calls and require your input and expertise, but we will write, design and implement the campaigns and lead magnets in your automation system - making light work for your team.

Our Process


Buyer Behaviour


World Class Framework


Compelling Content

Who is MAD for?

MAD is for businesses that are ready to put the pedal to the metal and get their marketing automation to shift up a gear.

It’s for businesses that feel a little lost with automation, and want to set the foundations firmly in place to start on the right foot.

It’s also for businesses that want to enhance what they already have in place, level up and get clever with their customer journey.

It's for business that want to see their efforts come to fruition, and take the work seriously.

No matter where you are with your marketing automation strategy - MAD will transform your business, impress your leads and customers, and help you achieve awesome results. 

If you’re looking to get better quality leads, that convert higher, spend more money and are happier for longer - then MAD is for you. 

Send us your details using the form below and we'll get in touch to book in your free MAD consultation!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the MAD programme take?

Customer journeys can take years to perfect depending on their complexity. This is why we like to keep them simple and effective. We cap our projects at 6 months, and ensure that we’re working to a realistic set of objectives within that time period. We’ll happily continue working with you after 6 months, but we’ll chat about how that looks at the end of our project time together.

How long before I see Return on Investment?

On average our customers see ROI after 3 months. This is because the first few months get consumed by groundwork that we can build up from, and it’s around month 3 that the first significant pieces will be slot into place.

How does MAD compare to your other services?

MAD is our flagship, and as such is our leading package. When we put MAD together were creating a package that is affordable, and practical in implementation time. Because of this, if you were to purchase everything that goes into even the most basic MAD project individually, you’d pay easily twice the price.

Where do we start?

Every MAD project always starts with planning the journey. Once we know what your perfect journey looks like, we’ll work together to identify what the priority pieces are to get started. We’ll also choose some quick wins to help you get closer to ROI faster.

What happens at the end of the project?

When your MAD project is over you’ll have a few options available to you. You can:
1- Ride off into the sunset with your customer journey and live happily ever after, managing it yourself
2 – Get some help with the upkeep – we offer maintenance packages to help you keep on top of your workload
3 – Keep moving and shaking – if you’re looking to keep the magic flowing we offer a special service for those that are looking to stay at the top of their game

Who does all the work?

Work share depends on what you bring us in for. Strategy only means your team will be doing the work with our direction and support. Implementation and creation means we’ll help lift the burden and integrate with your team to get the work done.

What if I already have some of this in place?

No problem, we’ll audit the effectiveness of what you already have (if applicable), and will create a plan that integrates with your existing processes and systems. We will very often help optimise and improve on what’s in place where appropriate..

How do I work with your team?

We will always work directly with the boots on the ground to make sure the work is getting done. If we’re in a strategy only capacity we’ll set the work and help critique and optimise it. If we’re creating and implementing for you we’ll work closely with your team to get it right.

Do I need to use a specific platform?

Not at all! We have clients that use systems ranging from mailchimp through to Marketo.

Do you create content?

Yes we do. We offer this as a bolt on service for companies that need a little more help getting their journey singing.

What will the Results from MAD be?

The results of MAD can be pretty phenomenal. If you’re willing to put in the work. It can help revolutionise your marketing and your business.

Expect better quality leads, higher levels of engagement, a more seamless MQL to SQL transition and increased conversions.

Plus, your team will be full of newfound insights they can continue to build upon. 

Happy MAD Clients

If you’re feeling a bit stuck or stagnant in your marketing, then the clarity alone that comes from working with Automation Ninjas is worth engaging in this process.

There are a lot of people out there overhyping the latest gimmicky marketing tactics with no real understanding of actual strategy. Automation Ninjas buck this trend and bring a wealth of experience and high-level knowledge to the table that actually gets results.

The whole team is fantastic, friendly, and truly knows their onions. They take the time to really get to know you and your business and ensure this is a collaborative, productive and enjoyable process.

Mike Morrison

Membership Geeks

We first came across Automation Ninjas during an exhibition when we attended Kenda's talk. Her ability to explain complex subjects, such as buyer psychology, left us really impressed.

Our marketing department was relatively new and grappling with the challenge of creating our marketing plan. However, we were confident that the Automation Ninjas could provide the guidance we needed to kickstart our entire process.

We knew from the introduction call that she would be the perfect fit to guide us along our journey or building our first marketing campaign.

Jatinder Sangha

Digital Marketing Executive,


The most important contribution of this project for Noldus is that it brought Marketing, Sales, and Services together and worked on the common goal of providing a seamless customer experience.

The project was an eye opener for us. By creating an Automation Journey map, Kenda helped us identify the numerous gaps in our current process.

Kenda and her team were super helpful in reviewing our copy too and providing honest, actionable feedback for not only the content created during this project, but also other content that we create on our own.

Jason L. Rogers, Ph.D.

Marketing Comms Team Lead,