Marketing Automation Domination

Behavioural customer journeys intelligently automated

The Strategy That Gets You Better Quality Leads and Happier Customers That Spend More Money

What is marketing automation domination (MAD)?

Are you ready to dominate your marketing automation? Sometimes the only way to get s**t done is to go full on intensive with the ninjas.

MAD is our flagship, all encompassing service for designing and implementing your perfect customer journey. It’s all about giving you the best competitive advantage with a supreme behavioural journey.

Each journey is designed for your unique business needs to:

Whether you’re just getting started and need a plan on what to do and where to begin, or you’re an advanced journey ninja and are looking to level up with progressive profiling and engagement triggers – MAD allows us to tailor your journey to your needs.

Take a look at some of the things MAD could cover for your business:

– Auditing, critiquing and analysis of existing content and journeys

– A full customer journey plan

– Data driven and SEO rich content plans

– Action plans that make implementation straight forward

– Access to our best practices and template archives

– So many flowcharts

– Content creation and/or optimisation

– Data analysis, interpretation and reporting

– Customer lifetime value analysis and optimisation

– Specific campaign planning 

– Automation set up, implementation and training

"The Automation Ninjas are incredible. I had lagged behind in launching my elite coaching program, because the ONLY part I could not do was my Infusionsoft® CRM programming.

Kenda, Michael and Mel were outstanding - they got me up and running, which allowed me to make $70,000 in one week, with only a few hours of work because the entire thing was automated.

I have already recommended 3 people to them, and I'd recommend 3,000 more."
Rebecca Mountain
CEO - Impetus Consulting
372% increase in monthly sales, 266% more contacts on my list, 139% more customers. 

The stats say it all - Automation Ninjas are an essential part of my business. 
Karen McFadyen
CEO - CakeCoachOnline






Customer journeys can take years to perfect depending on their complexity. This is why we like to keep them simple and effective. We cap our projects at 6 months, and ensure that we’re working to a realistic set of objectives within that time period. We’ll happily continue working with you  after 6 months, but we’ll chat about how that looks at the end of our project time together.

Work share depends on what you bring us in for. Strategy only means your team will be doing the work with our direction and support. Implementation and creation means we’ll help lift the burden and integrate with your team to get the work done.

On average our customers see ROI just after 3 months. This is because the first few months get consumed by groundwork that we can build up from, and it’s around month 3 that the first significant pieces will be slot into place.

No problem, we’ll audit the effectiveness of what you already have (if applicable), and will create a plan that integrates with your existing processes and systems. We will very often help optimise and improve on what’s in place where appropriate.

MAD is our flagship, and as such is our leading package. When we put MAD together were creating a package that is affordable, and practical in implementation time. Because of this, if you were to purchase everything that goes into even the most basic MAD project individually, you’d pay easily twice the price.

We will always work directly with the boots on the ground to make sure the work is getting done. If we’re in a strategy only capacity we’ll set the work and help critique and optimise it. If we’re creating and implementing for you we’ll work closely with your team to get it right.

Every MAD project always starts with planning the journey. Once we know what your perfect journey looks like, we’ll work together to  identify what the priority pieces are to get started. We’ll also choose some quick wins to help you get closer to ROI faster.

Not at all! We will only implement inside Infusionsoft by Keap, and Keap as we’re the UK’s leader implementers in it. However, we have clients that use systems ranging from mailchimp through to Marketo.

When your MAD project is over you’ll have a few options available to you. You can: 

1-  Ride off into the sunset with your customer journey and live happily ever after, managing it yourself

2 – Get some help with the upkeep – we offer maintenance packages to help you keep on top of your workload

3 – Keep moving and shaking – if you’re looking to keep the magic flowing we offer a special service for those that are looking to stay at the top of their game

Yes we do. We offer this as a bolt on service for companies that need a little more help getting their journey singing.


Kenda, Michael and Mel were outstanding – they got me up and running, which allowed me to make $70,000 in one week, with only a few hours of work because the entire thing was automated. I have already recommended 3 people to them, and I’d recommend 3,000 more.

Rebeccan Mountain: CEO - Impetus Consulting


Every MAD package is a bespoke package. Totally unique for your needs. 

Some businesses need us to implement their journey for them, some need us to create content for them. Some only want strategic consultation. For that reason projects vary in their price. 

The most basic implementation package is £8000 for strategic consultation only, and it can range to £15,000 for projects that are very heavy on implementation, content creation and data analysis. 

We work hard to keep our prices reasonable, and as such, despite writing the book on behavioural customer journeys – we’re still one of the best priced companies out there for the value we offer through our services.

hack the buyer brain

Get a look into our head ninja’s brain and unpack consumer psychology and the stages of the buying process in an accessible way.

What will the results from mad be?

The results of MAD can be pretty phenomenal. If you’re willing to put in the work. It can help revolutionise your marketing and your business. It’s kind of a big deal.

 Depending on what package you want to go for, we’ll either hold your hand, guide you step-by-step and keep you accountable. Or, if we’re creating and implementing for your we’ll work closely with your team to make sure we get it right. 


ready to go mad?

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