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What is Marketing Automation?
We like to define marketing automation by splitting the two words out: Marketing = everything you do to get and[...]
8 reasons why people aren’t opening your emails
Emails are a core part of a lot of people’s marketing strategy. It continues to be the best method to[...]
How to add value to your content
Why are so many companies creating content that isn’t customer centric? What do they mean when they say that content[...]
Interview with the prime ninja
“Your content becomes an extension of who you are” - Kenda Macdonald Pretty powerful stuff, am I right? Our prime[...]
What are keywords?
Keywords are the literal key to get your website noticed. The lower the difficulty of the words that are used,[...]
How to automate your marketing like a ninja
The beauty of human evolution is simply that we are continuously improving through learning, just like marketing automation. Now, if[...]
What are Client Profiles and why do they matter?
When you start working with a new client, what is the first step in your process? I mean you learn[...]
The B2B Marketing Expo 2019 – two times a charm
Europe’s leading marketing event? YES.  The B2B Marketing expo brings together UK and Europe’s winning marketers, tech providers, solution providers[...]
How to manage someone who gets distracted by everything
How to manage someone who gets distracted by everythingImagine for a second that your boss is a cat. Offices and workspaces[...]
Infusionsoft Campaign Builder Best Practice
Infusionsoft Campaign Builder best practice - is it time to critique and tweak your campaigns?Ooo this is going to be[...]
Why you should ignore the marketing prediction posts and what you should be doing instead…
With January over and February out the way, we’re settling into 2019 now. I find the whole month of January[...]
Keap vs Infusionsoft Side by Side
Keap ™ vs Infusionsoft ™- what's the deal?If you're an Infusionsoft ™ user, you may have seen the following message[...]
What you need to know about Keap™ and Infusionsoft™
Infusionsoft ™ is now Keap ™Infusionsoft ™ has changed its name to Keap ™. 2019 is a year of big[...]
Keap™ Review
Keap ™ review and walkthroughWhat is Keap ™, what is Infusionsoft ™ and what has changed?Keap ™ is Infusionsoft ™.[...]
How to use Quizzes to Generate Leads
Generating leads and capturing actionable data about those leads is becoming increasingly difficult. In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica[...]
What to Consider when Conducting a Website Critique
Taking time to conduct a website critique on your own website is just as important as investing in a detailed,[...]
How to Import Contacts into Infusionsoft
Whether you’re adopting a new CRM system or populating a database it usually means one agonising truth - you have[...]
What to Include in your Competitor Audit
If your first response to this blog was 'I'm meant to do a competitor audit?', allow me to start from[...]
Why you should Critique your Website
Your website is a window through which the world sees your business. It is your receptionist, your lead sales person[...]
Productivity Hacks – Why you should always keep a Banana to hand
Bananas.Yellow, curvy, botanically a berry and produced by several kinds of large herbaceous flowering plants in warm and sunny places.[...]
The Epic Marketing Show – How to Flowchart a Campaign
If you want your marketing automation campaigns to be a success it takes work. If you were told automation was[...]
How to Edit User Permissions in Infusionsoft
Have you ever given a team member a task to do in Infusionsoft, only for them to come back to[...]
The Epic Marketing Show – Tags in Infusionsoft
In this episode of The Epic Marketing Show we delve into the awesome and nerdy world of tags in Infusionsoft.[...]
The Epic Marketing Show – How you Keep Customers
This episode of The Epic Marketing Show is all about how to keep the customers you worked your nards off[...]
Customer Behaviour and Cognitive Bias
In today's session I help a muddled marketer who is somewhat lost by their customer behaviour.Our agony wracked listener is[...]
The Epic Marketing Show – How to Assess and Critique your Campaigns
This week on The Epic Marketing Show we look at the importance of assessing and critiquing your marketing automation campaigns. Because[...]
What to include in your lifecycle marketing
So you're implementing lifecycle marketing. Well aren't you a mutha flippin gangsta?! You're so gangsta it's entirely possible you were[...]
Boosting Sales by Creating Engagement and Trust
Customers, Abandonment & Lifelong Love In today's session I help a lonely little sausage who misses their customers desperately. Selling[...]
The Epic Marketing Show – Strategy vs Tactics
This episode of The Epic Marketing Show I explore strategy vs tactics - what the differences are between the two[...]
Getting Customers that Love you for Life – The Marketing Agony Aunt
Customers, Abandonment & Lifelong LoveIn today's session I help a lonely little sausage who misses their customers desperately. Selling one off[...]
The Epic Marketing Show – How to Design Campaigns In Infusionsoft
Last week we showed you how to get the most out of your marketing automation, this week we're tackling how[...]
Finding Love and Customer Reviews – The Marketing Agony Aunt
Love, testimonials and Reviews Your Aunty Kenda is here to help and this week I'm helping the love lorn find[...]
The Epic Marketing Show: Getting the most out of your Marketing Automation
This week's episode of The Epic Marketing Show is a biggie! Both figuratively and literally. In this half hour bumper[...]
The Epic Marketing Show – Cognitive Bias
Although we touched on cognitive bias a couple of months ago, this episode looks specifically at what cognitive bias is.[...]
Ninjas take home Best Small Business Award
That's right! We won an award! Whoop whoop! On the 14th July the Ninjas were one of 88 finalists invited[...]
The Epic Marketing Show – What is Engagement Marketing?
In this thrilling instalment of The Epic Marketing Show I talk about Engagement Marketing, what it is and why it's[...]
The Epic Marketing Show – How Customer Decisions are Made
This week is a biggy! In the latest episode I take a look at how the human brain makes decisions[...]
The Epic Marketing Show – What is Infusionsoft?
Infusionsoft is awesome. If we didn't think so we wouldn't have spent all that time becoming one of Infusionsoft Software[...]
How to Create a Content Plan
Wait, what? often the first response we get from marketers when we ask them about the content plan underpinning[...]
The Epic Marketing Show – The Ninja Story
On The Epic Marketing Show  this week Kenda changes tack slightly and talks about the The Automation Ninjas origin story.As[...]
5 Things we loved about SMX London
What it is SMX is a worldwide series of Search Marketing Conferences. Sounds like super nerdy stuff right - well[...]
The Epic Marketing Show – What is Marketing Automation?
On The Epic Marketing Show Kenda gives the rundown on what Marketing Automation is, what it is not, and how[...]
What we learnt from the South African Chamber of Commerce Awards
There is nothing like a strong community to make a Ninja happy. And boy did we stumble upon a community.[...]
The Epic Marketing Show – Features and Benefits
This episode looks and why features and benefits work in marketing. Understanding the difference is important as features help to[...]
Why Killer Content Matters
Content's pretty important right? If you're a regular visitor to the Ninjas blog you'll know by now that we bang[...]
What is Content Engagement?
Why is Content Engagement so important anyway? Let's talk Google for a minute... One of the biggest realisations for businesses[...]
The Epic Marketing Show – What is Buyer Psychology?
This week on The Epic Marketing Show Kenda talks about buyer psychology and how understanding your customers behave will help[...]
The Epic Marketing Show – What is a Customer Lifecycle?
The Lifecycle Strikes Back! Watch the video below and if you like what you see click over to YouTube and[...]
The Epic Marketing Show – Behavioural Marketing Automation
This weeks episode of the epically named Epic Marketing Show looks at Behavioural Marketing Automation - or Epic Marketing as[...]
Why (Ninja) Workshops are Awesome
We're big fans of marketing workshops. Webinars are cool and everything - because who doesn't love staring at their computer[...]
What is Lifecycle Marketing?
Lifecycle marketing is the secret sauce to good marketing. Which is awesome. And by awesome I mean totally rad!It allows[...]
This week on The Epic Marketing Show – Cognitive Bias
The latest episode of The Epic Marketing Show is live! This week Kenda takes a look at the 5 cognitive[...]
The Epic Marketing Show
We've been very busy Ninjas these last few weeks. Aside from working on enhancing our rad range of products to[...]
Content Plans are Awesome
You've got a great looking website. Your service or products are the best in the biz and you even have[...]
What is Content Marketing?
And why you should care A few short years ago if you wanted to appear at the top of Google,[...]
What is Infusionsoft – Part Three: Use Cases for Infusionsoft
Part Three: Use Cases for InfusionsoftWelcome to part three in the "What is Infusionsoft®" series. So far we've covered what[...]
What is Infusionsoft – Part Two: What Infusionsoft is NOT
What Infusionsoft is notLet's chat about what Infusionsoft® software is not. In part one of What Infusionsoft is - we[...]
What Infusionsoft Is – Part One: What is Infusionsoft?
Having helped hundreds of businesses make a success with Infusionsoft® software over the years, I get asked a lot of[...]
How much does it cost to get Expert Infusionsoft help/support?
How much does it really cost to get expert Infusionsoft help/support?First... What do you really mean by help?Before we can[...]
How Infusionsoft Help Can Go A Long Way – A Case Study
How Colour Graphics made over £100000 in sales from traffic that was leaving their site​​​​​​​"What does the ROI on getting[...]
Life Cycle Marketing – The Ninja Way
How do you define "Marketing"?If you're in the business of selling anything, providing a service, customer service, or keeping people[...]
The 13 Types Of Customers And How To Behaviourally Segment Them
When it comes to segmentation, one of the first questions I ask my clients is "What are your customer types",[...]
Why Lying works in Marketing
​ How to use lies in marketing. Deception. Enhancing the Truth. Alternative Facts. Lies. How do they fit into marketing?[...]
How To: Easily View Opt-In And Email Status In Infusionsoft
Hidden Data #1Data cleanliness is next to marketing automation godliness.But so often data is either hidden, labelled weirdly, or is[...]
Email Marketing Armageddon: The General Data Protection Regulation
The General Data Protection RegulationThe General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was adopted 27 April 2016 and will enter intoapplicationon 25[...]
How to Create Double Opt-In Links Like A Ninja
The question you should be asking yourself right now is “What is a double opt-in link really and why should[...]
Traditional Funnels Are Ruining Marketing
Traditional marketing funnels look a bit like this: The idea being, you throw some leads in the top - and[...]
Epic Roundup: Tags vs Custom Fields in Infusionsoft
I opened the application, and I had to blink several times to make sure I wasn’t losing the plot...What the[...]
Email Deliverability – Stop Ignoring It!
The big scary thing you're ignoring is Email Deliverability.Deliverability is everything.If your email isn’t getting delivered, nothing matters.All the hard[...]
Why You’re Building Your Funnels Wrong
All kinds of wrong I'm afraid...It's a bold statement. You may be on the right path, but you've more than[...]
Your 3 Part Success Formula
So what does your business have to do with Nuclear bombs?And how does your Success Formula fit into all of[...]
Customer Lifetime Value – Where Your Profits Really Come From
Here's a silly question: How would you like to increase your profits by up to 125%?What would you do with the[...]
75% Of Your Leads Will Never Buy – Here’s Why
Leadscoring is your new best friend.... I'm going to hop straight in with some statistics leading up to leadscoring here:Only[...]