Introduction and Welcome

Welcome to The Marketing Agony Aunt

Marketing needs an Agony Aunt. Because in a world where the forces of marketing and automation conspire against you, who can listeners count on to help pick apart their automation nightmares, marketing anxieties and customer terrors?

Join marketing’s new Aunty, Kenda Macdonald, as she helps ease the frustrations and solve the problems that marketing and it's automation throw at you.

Each session will help you take control of your marketing automation, you’ll learn from the insights of years of experience from running her Agency, Automation Ninjas, and helping businesses combine marketing and buyer psychology.

Now she’s turning her super powers to you, the listeners, to help you solve your biggest niggliest problems - Agony Aunt Style.

Come on in, sit on the couch, grab a drink if you need some fortification - and let’s get agonising.

Introducing the new show

Find out all about what this show is about, how you can get involved, and what it's going to help you achieve:


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